January 3, 2014

Hailed as Liberator

The Washington Post, 28 August 1909, Page 6

Hailed as Liberator

Today Sandansky is an honored guest of the Turkish government at Constantinople, where he is hailed by the new regime as one of its liberators. He was one of the star guests at a legislatlve banquet given the other day by the president of the chamber of deputies at which the grand vizier, the ministers and the generalissimo Chefket Pasha were present. He has become Sandansky Effendi was one of the principal leaders of the troops which in April last, marched upon Constantinople to depose Sultan Abdul Hamid and to place Mohammed Recbad on the throne and will doubtless be invited to all the entertainments given by the new sultan in honor of King Ferdinand when the latter comes to Constantinople next month to pay his promised visit to the padishah.

Sandansky however no longer talks of uniting Macedonia to Bulgaria. He has absolutely repudiated any such designs and now professes that his one aim and idea is "Macedonia for the Macedonians under the Turks" but not under the Bulgarians. This is however creating less resentment in Bulgaria than one would imagine. For both Bulgarians and Macedonians are now uniting with the Turks in bitter enniity against the Greeks that is to say the Greeks within and beyond the borders of King George's dominions. If Turkey goes to war with Greece, she will have the good will and support of not only Sandansky and his Macedonian Christians but also of Bulgaria.

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