Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine 3

Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine – Part 3 – Show of Patriotism

Risto Stefov

September 01, 2009

If we "must" believe that Josip Broz Tito (May 7, 1892 - May 4, 1980), the Yugoslav dictator, along with the Communists, "invented" the Macedonians then we must also believe that Tito possessed a "Time Machine" because in this series of articles we will show you that the Macedonians existed way before Tito´s time.

Thanks again to Kristina X for supplying us with the material for this episode, we will be boarding the Delorean at 8 AM promptly tomorrow morning but again if I am going to board unseen, I have to be there before everyone else shows up. Wish me luck!

Tito, definitely unhappy with last episode´s progress, ordered everyone to be ready to do their best in San Francisco. How does he do it? I mean convince people to become Macedonians or to write about Macedonians, an identity which, according to "all knowing" Greeks, does not exist. I know he does it because I have seen the evidence for myself.

As usual TrueMacedonian arrived first, followed by Tito, Doc and Marty. "Today we are going to September 13th, 1905 to pay a visit to a certain newspaper," said Tito as he fiddled with the time dials. Without saying another word, he pushed the activation button and whoosh we were there in seconds.

"Here we are," announced Tito "let´s go and do it right his time."

The next day, Thursday, September 14th, 1905, the following article appeared in The San Francisco Call;


Assassinations Planned of Peter of Servia and Ferdinand of Bulgaria.

Vienna, Sept. 13. – According to telegrams received from Belgrade, a plot has been discovered there and at Sofia to foment a general outbreak in the Balkans with a view of compelling the interference of the powers in the hope that Macedonian autonomy would be proclaimed. The alleged plot, the telegrams say, included an intention to assassinate King Peter of Servia, and Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria. Those engaged in the plot in Sofia have been imprisoned.

It is added that the recent attempt to assassinate the Sultan of Turkey in the courtyard of the mosque in Constantinople is supposed to have been the work of the same organization." (The San Francisco Call, Thursday, September 14th, 1905)

No sooner had Tito picked up the newspaper than I could hear him yelling and swearing in Serbo-Croatian, a language unfamiliar to me, but based on the volume of his voice, I could tell things did not go right. The next thing I heard was, "We are going to New York to September 6th, 1908."

I counted three breaths before we were there. September 6th, 1908 was a Sunday, so why go back in time to a Sunday? What fiendish plans could Tito be concocting this time?

Well I found my answer in the Monday September 7th, 1908 issue of the New York Daily Tribute which in part read;


Letter from President.

Rejoice over promulgation of Constitution in Turkey.

Every seat and every foot of standing room in Carnegie Hall was occupied last night by a wildly enthusiastic audience of Ottoman subjects and sympathizers who met in mass meetings to celebrate the promulgation of the constitution in Turkey. The meeting was in joint auspices of the Young Turks, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Hunchakist Society, and every form of revolutionist from that part of the world represented by those people who were present, and a few more from Russia. There were Turks, Armenians, Macedonians, Syrians, Bulgarians, Albanians and a few Greeks, while the Russian element consisted of Jewish Zionists and the revolutionists. The latter fastened their bright red standard on the gallery hall while the flags of the other elements were draped on the wall behind the stage, where also were hung a number of signs in different languages - some in English with inscriptions like these: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Hurrah for the Young Turks and Armenian Revolutionary Federation."

The speeches also were in general tongues, English, Turkish, Armenian and Arabic." (New York Daily Tribute, Monday September 7th, 1908)

Tito looked happy as he and the others approached the Deloreon, chatting away about their accomplishments. They then quickly boarded the time machine and set the time dials for December, the same year. I overheard Tito say, "We are going to December 30th, 1908." I guess Tito was in a festive mood and wanted to celebrate the New Year with a certain editor of the Winchester News.

The next day the following article appeared which I will quote in part;

"1909 Four Celebrations of New Year´s Day

New Year is celebrated in this country at least on four different dates in addition to the regular New Year´s celebration on January 1st.

With the Greeks, Russians, Servians, Bulgarians and Macedonians, all of whom adhere to the Greek Catholic Church, New Years is one of the most pleasant if not the pleasantest festival of the year.

The Macedonians, Servians and Bulgarians celebrate the New Year, perhaps less elaborately, also on the same day as their Greek and Russian coreligionists." (The Winchester News, December 31st, 1908)

Drunk as usual, the boys carried Tito on their shoulders straining to put him in the Delorean. True Macedonian and Marty held him by the arms while Doc tried to lift his feet. "Boy he is heavy," I overheard Doc say as Tito began to mumble something about going to 1913. "TrueMacedonian, set the dial to August 15th, 1913, we are going to Fort Wayne Indiana," Tito commanded before he passed out. Being the most senior person in the expedition, Doc then pushed the activation button and swoosh we were in Fort Wayne in a flash. "We are here," said Doc as he opened a liquor bottle and put it under Tito´s nose. "With Tito it works like a smelling salt," Doc explained "I should know after all I am his doctor." "What are you waiting for, let´s go, get a move on," commanded Tito as he jumped up after smelling the booze. What mission could we be going to in 1913, I wondered?

The mission became apparent when the following article appeared in the The Fort Wayne Daily News on Tuesday, August 19th, 1913;

"The Macedonians Show Patriotism For Country

All over the world they are sore over Balkan Affair

Want War Continued

Macedonians of United States Pass Resolutions Condemning Recent Balkan Treaty

A new phase to the Balkan situation came to light today, through a local source, when it was learned that the Macedonians all over the world deeply resent the action which will be the result of the recent Balkan treaty. The Macedonians of America are leading a world-wide movement among the people of that race to rebel against the carrying out of the treaty, inasmuch as it means the elimination of Macedonia as a country and a world power. Under the treaty, Macedonia is now recognized except as a large amount of territory to be divided among the recent contestants. A large part of the country would fall under Grecian rule, and it is asserted that the Macedonians would even change their religion to escape from the rule of Greece.

A set of resolutions have been prepared by a secret committee of Macedonians, representing that race in America, and similar resolutions have been passed by every Macedonian community throughout the world, according to an assertion from one of the Macedonians who is high up in the affairs of the local colony. A copy of the resolutions was received by the local colony today.

"The idea of adopting a new religion is spreading very rapidly among the Macedonians," said this man this morning. "The civilized world may be astonished to see that the entire Macedonian nation has thrown off the spiritual fetters by which the Greeks have held them for so many centuries."

The Resolutions

The set of resolutions were given to the News for publication, as it is said that they will be unanimously accepted by the members of the Macedonian colony of this city, as they have been by hundreds of other colonies in this and other countries. The resolutions demonstrate extreme patriotism, and represent a world-wide movement.

They are as follows:

"As the representative of the Macedonian government, and having the authority to submit to the Macedonian government and the parliament a problem, in the solution of which your government ought to take part, we, the Macedonians of the United States of America, in our demonstrations and meetings, organized by the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization in the United States of America, on the 16th day of August, 1913, adopted and submit to your government the following resolution-protest:

"Whereas, The Balkan-Turkish war was declared and fought in the name of the freedom of Macedonia and the Christians in Turkey of Europe, in which war we, the Macedonians, fought most vigorously and with our help Turkey was defeated;

"Whereas, The end of this Balkan-Turkish war was not the freedom of Macedonia, but most generous division of our country and people between Servia and Greece, and our nation was compelled to submit to the Servian and the Greek governments, a government more tyrannical than the Turkish government; and

"Whereas, The Servian and the Greek governments now kill our fathers and our brothers, despoil the virtue and honor of our sisters, mothers and wives, and molest our children, all of which inhuman acts aim at the entire destruction of our national existence in Macedonia, and

"Whereas, The present unjust division of our country was caused by the European diplomacy, and if the same exists in future there will always be internal revolutions and disturbances which will keep all the Balkan states in readiness for war and might throw all the European powers in disastrous clash;

"Whereas, The peace in the Balkans is only the freedom based on the principle: ´Macedonia for the Macedonians.´

"We, the Macedonians in the United States of America, with all the vigor in us, protest against the unjust division of Macedonia and the tyranny of the Servian and Greek governments in Macedonia;

"We appeal to the European powers to declare the conference in Bucharest, Roumainia, between the representatives of the Balkan states unjust, and to demand autonomy of Macedonia;

"We declare to all the nations of the world, that if the freedom of Macedonia is not granted soon, we will continue our struggle and fight for the freedom of our country, and we will all die or become free. We cry: ´Give us freedom or give us death.´"

"The Committee for the Macedonians in U.S.A."" (The Fort Wayne Daily News, Tuesday, August 19th, 1913).

After reading the article I felt like calling out "bravo" to Tito and his team but I felt it was best I kept quiet because tomorrow we would be venturing to new frontiers and causing more mischief for the Modern Greeks. "See you tomorrow 8 AM sharp," exclaimed Tito and with those words everyone parted leaving me free to again slip out of the trunk un-noticed. Ah, but wait a minute I thought, why don´t I do some adventuring of my own? And with that thought I rolled the time dials to a random date and pressed the activation button. There I met a young author named Gustave Le Bon and convinced him to write the following about the Modern Greeks;

"In 1851, at the time of her enfranchisement, Greece possessed about one million inhabitants, of who a quarter were Albanians or Wallachians. The population was a residue of invaders of all peoples, and notably of Slavs. For centuries the Greeks properly so called had disappeared from Greece. From the time of the Roman conquest, Greece was regarded by every adventurer as a nursery of slaves, which everyone might have recourse to with impunity. Slave-traders brought as many as ten thousand Greek slaves to Rome at a single venture. Later on the Goths, Heruli, Bulgarians, Wallachians and so forth continued to invade the country and lead its inhabitants into slavery. Greece was repopulated a little only by the invasion of the Slavs. The language subsisted mainly because it was spoken throughout all the Byzantine East. The present population consists almost entirely of Slavs, the ancient Greek type immortalized in sculpture having totally disappeared." ("The Psychology of Socialism", by Gustave Le Bon, page 206).

Tired from my adventure I returned the Delorean to its original time and place and I too retired until the next morning.

To be continued.

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