Revolt is Proclaimed


Macedonian Insurgents Issue Their Long-Expected Document.


Entire Population of Armenst and Velesi Annihilated Malkoternovo in a State of Anarchy.

SOFIA, Bulgaria, Sept. 1. The Macedonian revolutionaries awaited the anniversary of the Sultan's accession to announce the long anticipated general insurrection in Northern Macedonia, the proclamation of which was issued today, signed by all the members of the insurgent general staff. The new outbreak is headed by the famous Macedonian leaders. Gen. Zontcheff, President of the Macedonian Committee, and Col. Jankoff, who was wounded in the rising of 1902.
The new territory covers the district in the valley of the Struma, at the base of the Rhodope Mountain chain and to the north of the River Vardar. Col. Jankoff is directing the movements of the bands In the southern part.
News of severe fighting is still coming in. At the Village of Armensi, after a day's fighting, the Turkish troops in the night massacred the entire population of 180 men and 200 women. The Turks have also massacred the inhabitants of the Village of Velesi.
It is reported that Hilml Pacha, the Inspector General for Macedonia, fears to leave his headquarters at Monastir. The Insurgent leader, Grueff, in a letter to Hilmi Pacha demanded that he prevent the barbarous acts of the Turkish soldiers and Bashi-Bazouks, otherwise the revolutionaries would massacre all the Turkish inhabitants.
The insurgents have occupied the mountain pass of Gergele on the main line from Salonika to Uskub. and Turkish troops have been sent to dislodge them.
The town of Malkoternovo is reported to be in a state of anarchy, the Turks plundering the houses and committing unspeakable atrocities on the women.
A. strong force of Turkish infantry, cavalry. and artillery recently attacked the village of Stoilovo, northward of Malkoternovo, which had been occupied by insurgents. The latter retired, after which the Turks entered the place, massacred the entire population, and destroyed the village.
Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria has arrived at Euxinograde. Bulgaria, where he has been joined by Premier Petroff. The Prince is expected to remain there for some time.

September 2, 1903 The New York Times

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