December 21, 2018

Bulgarian claims on the state of Tsar Samoil

Bulgarians claim that the state of Tsar Samoil was continuance of the Bulgarian, but that's clearly not the case:

"In 972 the emperor Joan Tsimishi destroyed the political and ecclesiastical independence of the Eastern Bulgarian kingdom."

Source: Църковен Вестник, Издание на Българската Православна Църква, Година 103, брой 9 и 10, София, 1-30 май 2003, наслов „Българските патриарси през Средновековието“ Александра Карамихалева).

After what the Bulgarian Kingdom ceased to exist and the Bulgarian crown was taken to Constantinopol.

Because of these 2 points, the end of the kingdom and the captured crown, it's more than obvious Samoil couldn't be the successor of the Bulgarians.


Source: ВМРО

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