February 2, 2014

Turk Assassinates a Russian Consul


Resents Reprimand for Failing to Salute Official.

Macedonian Insurgents' Position Strengthened -- Peace or War Seems to Depend on Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria.

The New York Times

August 9, 1903, Sunday

Page 1,

VIENNA, Aug. 8 -- A dispatch from Salonica says M. Rostkovski, the Russian Consul at Monastir, has been shot and killed by a Turkish gendarme whom the Consul reproved for failure to salute him...

...It is thought here there the position of the Macedonians has been greatly strengthened by the simultaneous disturbances In Armenia, as It Is considered that the latter movement is more likely to attract sympathy from Europe and lead to a consideration of the whole situation in the Turkish Empire...

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