January 14, 2014

The Balkan Trouble

The Balkan Trouble

Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXi,

Issue 6063, 9 September 1903, Page 3

United Press Association—By Electric Telegraph

CONSTANTINOPLE, September 8 A Consular despatch received from Salonika states that the insurrection in the Monastir district has been practically stamped out with sanguinary ruthlessness. The aim of the Turks is apparently to exterminate, besides Bulgarians and Macedonians, all Christians of whatever nationality. The despatch has caused a profound impression in Constantinople and Bulgaria. The Macedonian and Bulgarian residents are in terror of a massacre. Many Europeans fear that the concentration of Asiatic reinforcements in Macedonia and Adrianople at the end of the month will precipitate hostilities through the merest frontier incident.

The Macedonian committoes in Bulgaria are doing their utmost to force war, raising funds, pursuing a course of intirtiida tion, and sending bands across the frontier.

The Roumanian Government has strengthened its military posts in the vicinity of the Bulgarian posts.

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