Killing is my trade

Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1889 - 1915) Saturday 19 June 1909 (page 6)


Vladimir Naidanov was tried in Sofia, Bulgaria, on April 26, for attempting the life of King Ferdinand by firing at his carriage.

The entrance into court of the prisoner - a pale, beardless boy, with wavy hair falling on his shoulders-caused a sensation.

He is a Macedonian, who studied in the Salonika Gymnasium, and was moved to avenge his countrymen, who, he declared, had been abandoned by the ruler of Bulgaria.

"I wished to kill the Prince," said Vladimir, in a calm, voice, "and I hope to kill him some day for, as an anarchist, killing princes is my trade. Besides, Ferdinand is the vampire of Bulgaria. He compassed the death of Boris Sarafoff and other Macedonian patriots. I am bound to avenge them."

There was perfect silence while the prisoner, who defended himself, developed the theories of educating monarchs by means of revolver shots. He was condemned to four years imprisonment and on leaving the court he turned round and said once more:

"When I come out I will kill him. Tell him from me that he has four years' lease of life."

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