August 5, 2013

Daily press, June 17, 1906

Daily press, June 17, 1906, Page 9, Image 9

Junker Leads First Revolt.

The foundations of the most perfect revolutionary organization with which Turkey has ever had to contend were laid by a junker, who was expelled from the military academy at Sofia for Insubordination. The premature death of Gotse Deltcheff at Bonitsa, on the eve of the Insurrection of 1903, was a serious loss to His Internal organization, which he created. But the silent leadership, the thoroughness and His rigid discipline which he established had seemingly survived him.

Brave Man Does Wonders.

Admiring the character of some Protestant tchetniks from Bonsko, where the American missionaries have long labored, Deltcheff one exclaimed that ,,If Macedonia had been Protestant, it would have been free long ago." The strict sobriety and good behavior which lie exacted of his men, and his mercilessness towards loose conduct of any sort, won the confidence of the villagers, and the Macedonian women soon became the most zealous helpers and abettors of the tchetas.

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