Call me by My Name

There was a wall and the wall has fallen
But, they wasted no time in raising another one
And in the shadow of the wars an identity got stolen!

Me and my brother, freezing in a cold winter morning
No heating, no food, no electricity nor oil!
An embargo because of some history fraud
Breaking all the moral standards and the law!

They renamed a country
FYROM instead of Macedonia
A blackmail was accepted
In order to get our resources back
So what’s the point of that...

Former Yugoslav Republic and a Former Ottoman Province
And a Former Byzantine Province and a Roman one too
A Former Kingdom and a Former Empire
Kneeling for mercy
In front of the world
Trading the name for survival
Dealing the dignity for life

But the time has passed
It’s been enough humiliation
Call me by my name
I don’t ask for more
The world must not ignore
The being of a nation
Say Macedonia!
Let the Sun light the darkness we live in
Once in a while a star falls
But this time a star would be born!

12 Nov 2006

This poem is inspired by an ongoing political proccess about recognizing The Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name. It's not meant to be offensive, and it is as politically correct as possible :) I'm not a nationalist, but I just can not accept being FYROM-ized. It's kind of insulting... So, I thought that it would be good to announce such an important topic [I mean, a country 15 years after gaining its independance is fighting for being recognized under its own legitimate name...]


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