January 1, 2013

Girl fights Turks to free Macedonia

Girl fights Turks to free Macedonia (Syracuse NY Daily Journal 1905 - 3164) The Syracuse Journal,  September 8, 1905

A girl of 26 has enlisted in the Macedonian revolutionary army and is marching through the Macedonian mountains with bands of revolutionists, fighting the Turks with all the energy and fire of a trained soldier. The modern Amazon is Miss Christina Atanova.  She is a woman of culture, and was formerly a school teacher in Macedonia.

Recently several of her scholars, young children, were bruttaly murdered by a roving band of Turkish soldiers, and Miss Atanova narrowly escaped a worse fate for herself. This incident caused her to give up teaching , and she pledged her life for her country. She enlisted in the insurrectionist corps and has developed into an expert guerilla fighter.

Miss Atanova is known to all the revolutionists as the "Mascot of Macedonia" for whenever she is with a band she brings luck. Miss Atanova is a crack shot, and has killed five Turks in small skirmishes besides having participated in several battles.

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