Vevčani Emergency. The Vevčani Emergency (Macedonian: Вевчански случај, Vevčanski Slučaj) was an incident which occurred in the village on 26 May and 7 August 1987. The residents of Vevčani defied the decision of the Yugoslavian government to redirect water from the springs to Struga. They were at odds with the government's attempts to have the inhabitants of Struga using what they saw as their water. Police were assembled twice in the village before the situation was resolved. The residents had sparked calls for democracy and freedom from the Yugoslavia government. A "Republic of Vevčani" had been planned by the residents.

Republic of Vevčani and the Vevčani Ličnik. After the fall of Communism, as a bid to attract more tourism to the town the residents of Vevčani voted to create an independent republic in the town. The "Republic of Vevčani" (Macedonian: Република Вевчани, Republika Vevčani) was soon founded. As a part of the self-styled "Independent Republic of Vevčani" declared in 2002, the "Vevčani Ličnik" (Macedonian: Вевчански Личник) was created as local currency for the area. The "Ličnici" (plural) come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000. The author was artist Simun Lesoski (text: Wikipedia).

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