December 26, 2015

History of the Macedonian People From Ancient times to the Present

History of the Macedonian People From Ancient times to the Present

Risto Stefov (Chris Stefou) Direct link

Ever since their beginning the Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian States, and to a lesser extent the Albanian State, have systematically used every means possible, including waging propaganda campaigns, to negate the existence of the Macedonian nation. They have done this not because Macedonians do not exist but purely to usurp Macedonian territories and the rich Macedonian heritage. Until recently there were no organized Macedonian voices to speak for the Macedonian people and their rights as citizens of this world, so Macedonia’s adversaries, the Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians and more recently the Albanians, spoke for them.

The time has now come when Macedonians are taking matters into their own hands and challenging old beliefs and the illegitimacy of those who have been speaking for them.

Only Macedonians are the rightful heirs of the Macedonian heritage and the composers of Macedonia’s history.

The Macedonians are not Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians or Albanians. Neither can they simultaneously be Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians and Albanians as their adversaries claim.

The Greeks claim that “Macedonia is Greek” and has been for four thousand years. Contrary to ancient and modern evidence they continue to insist that the ancient Macedonians were Greek. Again, contrary to evidence and without proof, the modern Greeks claim that they are the direct descendants of the ancient Greeks and as such are the rightful owners of the ancient heritage. Furthermore, and without a shred of evidence, they claim that “all” the ancient Macedonians were killed off during the so called “Slav invasions” of the fifth and sixth centuries AD and there is no one left but the Greeks to claim Macedonia’s heritage. The Greeks, again without any evidence, claim that the modern Macedonians are Slavs who invaded Macedonia during the fifth and sixth centuries AD and have nothing in common with the ancient Macedonians and therefore have no rights to the Macedonian heritage.

This book challenges all Greek claims and without any doubt will prove that they are no more than a “Greek myth”.

It is time the world heard the Macedonian point of view. Contrary to what Macedonia’s adversaries profess, the truth is on the Macedonian side. There is ample evidence that shows that the ancient Macedonians not only survived the many calamities from ancient times to now but their descendants do exist in Greece, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Canada, Australia, the United States of America, Europe and the world over. They are now in the process of regrouping and are using the tools of the information age to fight back and retake what is theirs.

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