Kills Self On "American Soil" So Estate Would Go To Macedonia - 17 April 1924

In 1924, Nikola Guenoff killed himself on foreign soil so that Bulgaria would not get his estate, thus all his money went to the Macedonian Cause as stated in his will.

From the Portsmouth Daily Times, April 17, 1924:

"Choosing the American consulate as his place of sacrifice, Nikola Guenoff, a former high Macedonian official, today committed suicide that his estate might go to the Macedonian cause. Guenoff had been desirous of turning over his entire fortune to the Macedonian organization but found he was unable to do it, under the Bulgarian laws, unless he died on foreign soil. The estate of a person dying in Bulgaria without legal heirs is confiscated by the state. The former official entered the consulate and asked the Vice-Consul F. Leroy Spangler a few questions, the answers to which confirmed his understanding of the law. Then shouting "this is American soil!" he drew a revolver, fired a shot into his brain and fell dead. Fifty thousand levas and $4,000 in currency were found on his body, together with a will leaving it all to the Macedonian cause."

Извор: Mein Makedonien

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