December 14, 2012

Will Bulgaria help Macedonia

Grey River Argus , 30 September 1903, Page 3

An Assurance to Bulgaria

Will Bulgaria help Macedonia

(Received at 11 15 p m.)

Constantinople, Sep 29.

Bakhstiar Pasha, who was concerned with Adam Aga, a commander of the Bashi Bazouks, in a bombardment without warning and massacres at Kroshevo, has been decorated and transferred to Kastoria.

The Porte assured Bulgaria that the 32 battallions ordered to mobilise at Adrianople will remain at Monaetir.

Sofia, Sept 29.

After a requiem service at Sofia for Macedonian deid, a procession numbering 15,000 stood silent for a moment outside the British Agent's residence. They subsequently sent a deputation to Petroff to ask wether or not Bulgaria would help Macedonia. Petroff replied that he as Premier would continue to act in Bulgaria's best interests.

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