A Prophetic Book


Taranaki Herald, Volume LIV, Issue 13786,

19 October 1908, Page 5

The present troubles in the Balkans were well predicted in a book published at the beginning of the year, "An Observer in the Near East." Here are some of the startling headlines which show the character of the book: — "War During the Present Year," Austria, the Ogre of the Balkans," "Fascinated under the Benign Smile of Germany," "The Police as Murderers," "Germany Behind the Assassins." The author refers to bo ananymous, for obvious reasons, as he says. He claims for his book—which is founded on a long journey of close confidential enquiry through Montenegro, Northern Albania. Dalmatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Servia, Bulgaria, Roumania, Turkey, and Macedonia—that it contains many plain truths and much outspoken criticism. The writer аѕ admitted to private audience by the Sultan of Turkey, and by the various kings and princes of the Balkan States; he has important speeches by Ministers translated for his benefit, and he talked to almost every member of the various Cabinets who had anything of importance to contribute to the matter in hand. A general idea of the condition of the Balkans as this anonymous Englishman perceived it, is to bo found in tho following: —All through the Balkan Peninsula the weak are today being crushed by the strong. The Austrian eagle has overshadowed and grasped Bosnia, she has her talons into Servia, and is casting covetous glances upon gallant little Montenegro. On the other hand, as part of the secret policy of Christian Germany, in her advance southward, the poor defenceless Macedonians are being daily outraged, murdered, or burned alive—the true facts being always suppressed, and the news scarcely ever being allowed to leak out— while the Kaiser every day lifts his eyes to heaven, implores the Divine aid. and consigns the destinies of his empire to the direction of the Almighty. To Germany, in great measure is the present terrible state of Macedonia due. Her diplomacy at the Sublime Porte has recently exposed, beyond all doubt, that she secretly aids Greece, and abets Greek bands in their nefarious work of outrage, murder, and extermination. The Kaiser could, by simply lifting his hand, stem the blood-lust of those armed hordes, and bring peace and security to the Macedonian population. But his secret policy is to create disorder in that terror-stricken country, so that Bulgaria and Turkey must be compelled, ere long, to fly at each other's throat.

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