The Macedonians and the memory of antiquity

Quotes from books, newspapers and other documents on the historical continuity of the Macedonians and their awareness that they are descendants of ancient Macedonians of Alexander the Great and Philip II of Macedon:

"The Macedonians of Alexander the Great were Slavs, spoke the same language which today is spoken in Macedonia, Thrace and Moesia, spoke the same Slavic language" - Mavro Orbin, Il regno degli Slavi, Pesaro, 1601 (Franjo Barishic, I origins of the Slavs CXLVIII; Mauro Orbin, La Raghezza dei Slavi, 168)

"...the ancient seat of the Philip against whom Demosthenes thundered, and of that Alexander who conquered the world, is so cut off from civilization that we have to depend for news of the conditions that exist there on the most accidental and unreliable sources... Until some such dependable connection is made with the mountain valleys of Monastir we will not certainly know the extent of Turkish oppression and misgovernment there..." - The Canadian Magazine of Politics, science, art and literature Vol. XX

"I have sent text to "Autonomous Macedonia" (orig. Автономна Македония) about Alexander the Great, to be published; I strongly ask to be published. It is of capital importance to connect our cause to the old history of Macedonia..." - N. Kirov Majski, In the lines for Macedonia, Исторически факти, бележки и документи, I, София, 1957, 110а - ракопис во АО на ИНИ, Сл. IV, 192/I)

"...There are still those who todays inhabitants of Macedonia consider not as Serbs nor Bulgarians, but as a separate nation, probably descendants of ancient Macedonians..." - Jakov Slishkovic "Albania and Macedonia," Sarajevo 1904, p. 160

"We have many times heard from the Macedonists that they are not Bulgarians but Macedonians, descendants of the Ancient Macedonians..." - Petar Rachev Slavejkov, The Macedonian Question, newspaper "Makedonija", 18th January 1871

"...The Macedonians are not lost from the face of the earth, such as some are allowing themselves to say, as we know, they did nothing wrong for the earth to swallow them..." - Dimitar Makedonski, "On Macedonian question", "Makedonija", V, 7, Constantinople, 16. II. 1871

"It is well-known to all of us that this ill-fated country of ours, Macedonia, owing to the egoistic aims of the Great Powers, was again left to Turkey after the Congress of Berlin. As a result of that, in certain regions of our fatherland many scenes full of blood, known to all of us, took place. Desiring to throw off the Turkish yoke from our fatherland, each one of us, as much as possible, rose up to sacrifice himself, since help was needed from each of us. We rebelled as advocates of freedom. With the blood we shed all over the Macedonian fields and forests, we serve freedom, as the Macedonian army of Alexander of Macedon did, with our slogan - Freedom or Death!" - Rules of the committee of the Macedonian (Kresna) Uprising, preamble, 1878

"We the Macedonians from Macedonia, part of the former Turkish empire, immigrants in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, associate ourselves together in a fraternal, non-political and non-ecclesiastical organization to be called the "Macedonian American Society Alexander the Great" of Columbus, Ohio." - preamble of the "Macedonian-American Society Alexander the Great", Columbus, Ohio, organized March 9 1938

"...Sandanski preached that all inhabitants, without exception, are neither Bulgarians nor Greeks nor Kucovlachs, even if they speak the Macedonian Slavic dialect, as he did, or Greek or kucovlach idiom, all citizens of Macedonia are pure Macedonians, descendants of ancient Macedonians of Philip II and Alexander..." - Eleftherios Stavridis, Behind the scenes of Communists Party of Greece, Athens 1953, p. 214

"...Macedonia which has not enjoyed a national soverignity since the time of Alexander the Great..." - The Tuscaloosa News, August 24, 1945

"...History: Alexander the Great briefly made Macedon a world power whose empire stretched from Egypt to India in the fourth century B.C..." - New York Times, September 10, 1991 (for the independence of Republic of Macedonia)

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