Macedonians accuse Bulgaria

Macedonians accuse Bulgaria, Expanioist Aims

The Glasgow Herald, December 23, 1948

The first Congress of the Macedonian Communist Party accused Bulgaria yesterday of expanist aims towards Macedonia, a Federal Republic within Yugoslavia (reports Reuter from Belgrade).

The Yugoslsv Minister of Mines. Lieutenant-General Svetozar Vukmanovich, had on Tuesday told the Congress, meeting at Skoplje, the chief city of Yugoslav Macedonia, that the Bulgarian failure to give promised administrative and cultural autonomy to the Pirin area (Bulgarian Macedonia) had made the projected Southern Slav Federation Impossible.

General Vukmanovitch said that 'an Independent Pirin, promised by Bulgarian Communists in 1944; would have been united with Yugoslav Macedonia within the framework of a wider Federation. The Bulgarians bad granted only cuhural autonomy to the Pirin, he alleged and even that bad now been almost annulled.
Tanjug the Yugoslav news agency, said yesterday that Marshal Tito. Yugoslav prime Minister, bad refused an Invitation to attend the Congress "because or Important State duties which brooked no delay."

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