Turkey slaying Villagers


European Representatives in Macedonia Hoodwinked.


Asks Permission of England to Stop His Investigations in the Disturbed Region.

LONDON. Sept. 30—W. A. Moore. Secretary of the Balkan Committee, who has returned from a two months' tour of Macedonia, said to-day:

"The wanton slaughter of Christians in Macedonia continues under the eyes of Europe's representatives. Crossing: the Bulgarian border, the first news to greet me was of an unpardonable massacre in the little village of Konopnitza, which occurred three days before my arrival. On visiting the village, I found the bodies of a man, two women, a girl, and three children still unburied and laid out in the Christian Church. The women had been shot, but I saw one child whose head had been crushed, probably with the butt of a gun.
"The wounded had been taken to Egri Palanka an hour's ride distant, where resides the Austrian officer in charge of the district.
"The story of the affair is a repetition of the oft-told tale. An insurgent band visited the village and demanded food on departing. The Turkish authorities, learning of the visit, dispatched a body of troops, which, discovering no insurgents in the place, dealt out their revenge on' the Christians. The observation of the European officers seldom deters the Mohammedans from slaying Christians.
"The Austrian officer in the Koumanova district has charge of 119 villages, where most brutal murders are of daily occurrence, and are not noticed by the authorities. In the Monastir district the Italian officers sleep with the Turkish Army in order to observe Its methods of suppressing Insurgents. This, however, only prevents special detachments from perpetrating crimes.
"The village of Mogla, In which an Albanian brigand was assassinated, was punished by the Turkish troops. Nine unarmed peasants were killed and arms were placed beside them in a cornfield In order to deceive the Italian officers who were I invited to inspect the Insurgents but the rifles were of the pattern used by the j troops in the Monastlr district.
44 Brigandage continues flagrantly, and life and property are less safe than before Austria and Russia received the mandate to reform the country two yеаrѕ ago. The gendarmerie officers admit their inability to protect the population, and several of them told me they had so reported to their Governments. The Macedonians have no hope left."

Mr. Moore says the country is still swarming with Asiatic troops, which have not been removed since the mobilization against Bulgaria in 1903.

The Right Hon. James Bryce, M. P. , President of the Balkan Committee, is now touring Macedonia and observing conditions there preparatory to laving the results of his tour before the British Parliament. The authorities in Macedonia are said to be employing every means to prevent him from gathering information.

The Porte has requested the British Government to permit the expulsion of Mr. Bryce from Turkey.

Published: October 1, 1905 The New York Times

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