The Balkan States


Star , Issue 5648, 20 August 1896, Page 3

It is apparent that, in view of the insecure condition of the Ottoman Empire, there are movements afoot in the various Balkan Principalities. A cable message which Ave publish states that two members of the Bulgarian Ministry have resigned owing to Prince Ferdinand's increasing' Russophile tendencies. This event was not altogether unexpected. It was stated before the last mail left England that as the price of Russian friendship the Bulgarian Government had been called upon by the St Petersburg authorities to reinstate in their full rank Grueff and Bendereff, the two officers concerned in the abduction of Prince Alexander. The Bulgarian War Minister threatened to resign rather than agree to this outrageous demand, on the ground that it would be a serious discouragement to discipline. Apparently Bussia has insisted, and the highminded Minister has left the service of Prince Ferdinand, taking with him the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Other rumours that were afloat in Europe a month ago were rather disquieting. It was reported that Servia and Montenegro had become friends, after centuries of estrangement. The rulers of these two States had met together and it was said they were hatching a plot, in which Bulgaria was to have a hand, for disturbing the Sultan's peace in Albania and Macedonia. The alliance was also believed to be directed against Austria, and it was understood that the wires controlling this movement were being manipulated in Bussia. These statements point to the activity of Bussia in furthering her traditional policy with regard to Turkey.' If Russia has really got an alliance with Servia, Montenegro and Bulgaria, she is moving rapidly towards the absorption of Turkey in Europe.

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