Accuses the Macedonians


Sarafof and His Followers Charged by M. Mikialowsky with Kidnapping Miss Stone.

SOFIA, Dec. 1.—M. Mihialowsky, President of the Macedonian Committee, recently made a speech at Varna, in which he denounced M. Sarafof, President of the committee, and the Macedonians as agitators, murderers, and blackmailers. Among other crimes he accused them of kidnapping: Miss Ellen M. Stone, the American missionary.

The Macedonians of Sofia held an indignation meeting here today. Violentspeeches were made denouncing M. Mihialowsky, and M. Sarafof was eulogized as the hero of Macedonian youth. This incident is important as demonstrating the schism in the Macedonian camp..."

The New York Times

Published: December 2, 1901 Copyright © The New York Times

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