Schankeff murdered

Schankeff murdered, NY Times Dec.25 1924

Vienna. Dec. 24.—Peter Schankeff. Macdonian leader, who was shot to death yesterd ay in a Milan cafe. was a familiar figure in the Vienna Cafe Imprial, which is the general headquarters here of the Macedonian emigres.

Schankeff left Vienna last Summer, and immediately afterward came news of the assassination of another Macedonian Ieader, Todor Alexandroff at the order of a committee headed by Schankeff.

Alexandroff and Schankeff formed, with General Protogerov, a triumvirate heading the Macedonian revolutionary movement. Last Spring Schankeff.' realizing the futility of the movement to wrest Macedonia from Yugoslavia against the desire of the great powers, seceded from the triumvirate and started a Federalist movement, aiming at transforming all the Balkans into a confed-eration on the Swiss model, and thus solving the problem of intermingled races. For this program it is said Schankeff obtained the financial and moral support of the Third International of Moscow.

Schankeff and his friends asserted that Alexandroff also joined the Federalist party, but recanted. It was for this recantation that Schankeff and his associates pronounced and carried out the death sentence on Alexandroff.

Alexandroff's friends swore to have revenge. Recently a meeting was held In a little Macedonian village, with General Protogerov as Chairman. There the death sentence of Schankeff was passed.

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