The Geographical Journal

The Geographical Journal of The Royal Geographical Society in London. Vol. XXVIII. July to December 1906.

Географски Журнал на Кралското Географско Друштво во Лондон. Издание 228. Јули до Декември 1906 год.

"...The mere traveller cannot hope to advance knowledge of the geography of the Balkan lands in any other respect than the actual distribution of political groups, and to do even so much be must posess rather unusual qualifications; for, in a country like Macedonia, things are rarely what they seem on the surface. An acquaintance with vernaculars, sufficient to render a traveller independent of bis dragoman, and a considerable knowledge both of Near Eastern ethnology and the workings of the Near Eastern mind, are absolutely necessary, if his impressions are to have any serious value. The books before us bear abundant unconscious witneee to the truth of these premisses. The author who is the best qualified to know is conspicuously the least prepared to dogmatize; and to all trarellers in Macedonia, who, like Mr. Foster Fraxer and Mr. ron Herbert, find little difficulty In deciding on ethnical matters, we would recommend, in all confidence, a study of Dr. Cvijic's pamphlet. The learned Servian professor knows, at any rate, how little is known, and has no hesitation in stating the fact. In doing so he does very valuable service, for, though almoet entirely destructive, he clears the ground of a jungle of half- truths and entire misconceptions which pass current for the facts of the political geography of Macedonia. The main result of his deliberate and temperate study on the spot issue in two conclusions: (1) that, ethnically, the Macedonian Slavs are Macedonians, and not either Servian or Bulgarian Slavs; (2) that they have no strong or ancient sense of identity with any other Slav nationalities, but are a..."

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