NY Times - macedonian movement

The New York Times, August 15, 1903

"...Regarding the reports that Bulgaria was responsible for the outbreak, he pointed out that the centre of the disturbed area at present was nearly two hundert miles from the Bulgarian frontier and was separated from it by country largely inhabited by Turks. Consequently, he said, it was foolish to say that the movment was aided by bands from Bulgaria, and that it was equally unreasonable to suggest that the arms of the insurgents came from Bulgaria. as a matter of fact, he said, the guns used by the insurrectionists were all of French manifacture, and that most of them had been bought from Turkish officers and men who, receiving no pay, had restored to the sale of their guns and ammunition to obtain money.

The insurrection, he said, was entirely a national Macedonian movement organized by the Macedonian Internal Committee, which in itself was proof..."

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