Macedonians are not Greek!

Macedonians are not Greek! - The New York Times, Monday, July 17, 1949

Letter to The New York Times by Macedonian - Canadian Humans Rights Commitee

"...Macedonians do exist! Our Community is maintained through hundreds of associations, churches, Macedonian language classes, youth and seniors groups etc..."


Развигор said...

Не се гледа која година е. Ако објавуваш вакви документи,добро е освен слика и да го напишеш целиот текст, да може и подобро да се читаат и да се наоѓаат преку машини за пребарување.

Constantine said...

Thanks for this. This item certainly shows that both Greece and its Macedonian diaspora were alerting the world to the attacks against their land and Hellenic identity from the then Yugoslavia. They did not suddenly react in 1991with the emergence out of Yugoslavia of the Republic of Macedonia.

The NYT item does not look like a letter, but a small advertisment, paid for by those who sent it. Out of historical curiosity, do we know the people behind that ad? When did they arrive in America?