Macedonians seek autonomy in Pirin

Macedonians seek autonomy in Pirin

"...struggle over territorial frontiers and national soverignty for all of Macedonia, which is at present divided among Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Greece. The largest part of Macedonia lies within Yugoslavia. Bulgaria ontains the smll district of Pirin while a substantial part of Macedonia, including Salonika, is under the control of Athens..."

"At today's session of the yugoslav communist party congress Dmitar Vlakhov, deputy chairman of the yugoslav presidium said: We Macedonians demand of the Bulgarian workers [communist] party the introduction of a special regime for Pirin Macedonia..."

New York Times

Published July 25, 1948

Македонците бараат автономија во Пирин

Њу Јорк Тајмс

Објавено на 25 Јули 1948

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