Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine 12

Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine – Part 12 – Greece Executes Macedonians

Risto Stefov

November 05, 2009

If we "must" believe that Josip Broz Tito (May 7, 1892 - May 4, 1980), the Yugoslav dictator, along with the Communists, "invented" the Macedonians then we must also believe that Tito possessed a "Time Machine" because in this series of articles we will show you that the Macedonians existed way before Tito´s time.

The next morning I was first to arrive at the usual hiding place. It was early in the morning and I was happy to witness the first rays of the sun burning their way through the low fog on the distant horizon. It doesn´t matter how many times I have witnessed the crack of dawn, each experience is unique and has its special magical moments.

I didn´t get any sleep all through the night as I pondered how in God´s name could a few people in the world have pulled off such a scam as to convince the rest of the world that Greece was populated by Greeks who were supposedly the true descendants of the Ancient Greeks, when none of this was true?

Then blinded by my gaze at the first rays of the rising sun, I overheard a familiar voice behind me saying, "I knew I would find you here. I too could not sleep thinking of the damage some people have done to us by this artificial creation of Modern Greece."

I said, "Dobro utro TrueMacedonian, it´s nice to see you too." It was almost as if the two of us were sharing the same thoughts subconsciously. We both skipped the pleasantries and got down to serious discussions about the business that was worrying us both.

"If there are indeed hundreds of books, as you pointed out, that speak of the truth about the Modern Greeks, and I have no reason to doubt you, then why have so many modern historians missed the point about who the Modern Greeks truly are?" I asked.

"Modern Greeks today would argue that over 250 classical scientists can´t all be wrong," responded TrueMacedonian "but to understand how this could be I will use the ´flat earth´ analogy to explain the situation which often helps me understand why things are the way they are."

"A long, long time ago people believed the earth was flat. There was plenty of evidence to suggest and support that theory so naturally word got around and everyone started believing that the earth was flat. But as mathematics, science and technology became more and more sophisticated, some people, a small minority mind you, began to see the earth in a different light. Eventually some got enough nerve to speak up about it and even dared to contradict the majority who supposedly ´knew for a fact´ that the earth was flat. I can almost hear the counter arguments made by the mainstream scientists to the ´preposterous´ claims of these ´heretics´ that the earth was anything but flat. ´Why if the earth was round, as my esteemed colleague claims, wouldn´t we all be falling off it? Then how do you explain the fact that to this day no one has fallen off it?´ In those days they burned alive those who spoke contrary to what was believed to be ´the truth´. Of course today we know the earth is round and what the majority in those days believed was actually a lie. But the difference between the ´flat earth´ theory and the theory of the Modern Greeks being direct descendants of the ancient Greeks is that people did not know enough about the earth to know that it was not flat. On the other hand people did have enough evidence to prove that the Modern Greeks were not even remotely related to the ancient Greeks, yet they chose to ignore that evidence and instead purposely propagated a lie! A lie that was repeated so may times it became far stronger than the truth" continued TrueMacedonian as I listened intensely to every word he said.

"Why should modern historians write about the Greek ugly dark truth and risk being ridiculed and ostracized when they can write about the bright shining glaring lie and be praised. There is much to think about here and as the evidence against this ´Greek theory´ mounts, history will be reexamined and revolutionized but not before we expose it all. If the Modern Greeks are a lie, then how many more lies have there been perpetrated to give support to the original lie? Could the idea that the ancient Macedonians were Greeks also be another big Greek lie? Of course it is! The only reason Modern Greeks make that claim is so that they can also lay claim to the Macedonian heritage and rob the Macedonians of it. If the Modern Greeks are a mongrel race not at all related to the ancient Greeks, then ask yourself, what chances are there of them being related to the ancient Macedonians, who were a totally different people from the so-called ancient Greeks? I would say none whatsoever! Today´s Greeks are not at all what they say they are. They are nothing but a hodge-podge of modern Balkanites who lost their true identities and now go on pretending to be the direct descendents of the ancient people who died on those lands two and a half millenniums ago. Not knowing who they are themselves they now have the nerve to tell us who we are and who we are not!" continued TrueMacedonian.

"So, what are we racking our brains to prove here?" I dared ask.

"If you wish to view the problem from a purely scientific point of view then ´why must we continue to believe in lies when we know the truth´? Why protect this ´lie´ perpetrated a long time ago when we have evidence to put it to rest? Why must we pretend that the ´earth is flat´ when we all know it is not?" asked TrueMacedonian with a serious tone in his voice.

"If you wish to view the problem from ´the Macedonian point of view´ then as Macedonians with much to lose why must we keep silent about the truth? We lost our lands, our homes, our language, our culture to the Greeks and now they deny our identity. They publicly and to our face say we don´t exist. Is it not our duty to speak up? Is it not in our personal and national interest to expose the Greeks and their fake identity? Only by shouting the truth can we expose the lies and injustices perpetrated against us, not only by the fake-Greeks but also by their supporters," continued TrueMacedonian, unaware of the passing of time evident by the distance the sun had risen above the horizon.

"The fake-Greeks have used history against us, a history that does not belong to them, and have for a century now got away with it. It is time to expose these fake-Greeks and what they stand for. It´s time to expose the acts and atrocities they perpetrated against us in the name of Hellenism, something that does not even belong to them, acts committed against us purely for their personal benefit!" said TrueMacedonian as he gestured for me to disappear into the Delorean´s trunk when he saw Tito and the others appear at the edge of the bushes.

"Look alive men, we are going back to Athens, to June 7th, 1947," were the only words Tito uttered that morning as Doc powered up the Delorean´s engines and Marty and TrueMacedonian hopped aboard in the back seat. No sooner had Tito slammed the door shut than the Delorean was on its way to Athens.

"Back to Athens eh? I guess they still have unfinished business there," I thought to myself.

The next day the following story appeared;

"Greece Executes 8 Macedonians

ATHENS. June 7 (Reuthers) – Eight Macedonian civilians sentenced to death by a court-martial on charges of plotting to separate Macedonia from Greece were shot at Salonika today. They were said to have been members of a ´terroristic´ Slav organization." (The New York Times, June 8, 1947).

Again, it was a sad story for the Macedonian people not only because these people died but also because they died in vain to fulfill some sick Greek fantasy that Macedonians actually had the capability to "separate" Macedonia from Greece? If Macedonia is Greek and always has been Greek and the Macedonians are Greeks and always have been Greeks as the Modern Greeks claim at every chance they get, then why would the Macedonians want to separate Macedonia from Greece? It´s a simple and straight foreword question! Could it be "Greek anxiety" causing this Greek paranoia? Could it be because these fake-Greeks actually stole Macedonia from the Macedonians and are now afraid that the Macedonians may want it back?

As I asked myself question after question, deep in my thoughts, Tito and the team had already returned and had gone off to the next mission. I only remembered this because my subconscious mind was working overtime repeating the words "Athens, July 28, 1896" to my conscious mind.

The team was already gone to the next mission before I fully awakened from my dream-like stupor. Did I imagine all this? Just to be sure, I went straight to the New York Times, July 29th, 1896. Lately Tito was targeting the New York Times so it was a safe bet to start with that paper. As I found out, I was not disappointed.

Here is what it said;


Greece Notified that She Must Not Assist the Macedonians.

LONDON. July 28. – The Daily News will to-morrow publish a dispatch from its Athens correspondent stating that the Mussulmans have burned twelve Christian villages in the province of Selino and Herakleon and desecrated many churches.

The Standard will to-morrow publish a dispatch from its correspondent in Berlin saying that the powers have notified Greece that they will withdraw all support from her if she continues to patronize or assist the insurgents in Macedonia." (New York Times, July 29, 1896)

Did they mean "ethnic" or "geographical" Macedonians? It is so confusing to understand "Greek logic" especially when it comes out of the fake-Greeks in Athens.

The team was back, preparing for its next mission when I overheard Tito mumble the words, "We are going to Athens again to March 4th, 1897." Tito mumbling? What´s wrong with the guy? Is he getting overtired from lack of sleep? Oh well, it´s the team´s last mission of the day and then we will all get to go home and get some rest.

The team was back and gone home in a flash as I looked for the next day´s paper.

Here is what I found;


She will yield to no admonition from the powers.

PARIS. March 4. – It is reported that the Government is making preparations to order the mobilization of the Mediterranean reserve squadron, which will be sent to the Levant, under command of admiral Humann.

Le Jour publishes a dispatch from its correspondent at Athens containing a report of an interview with King George of Greece, in which his Majesty declares that Greece is ready for war with Turkey, and would yield to no admonition from the powers.

The King is reported to have added that the powers might blockade Greece, but in the interior they would be powerless. The Greeks, he said, were fully prepared to fight to the death, and the Macedonians were eager to revolt." (New York Times, March 5, 1897).

Tito, it must be nice to manipulate the media in such a way! Revolt, revolt! Who is revolting, the "ethnic" or "geographical" Macedonians? Let the fake-Greeks explain this!

By now I too was very tired and it was time for me to also go home.

To be continued.

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