Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine 9

Come take a ride in Tito´s time Machine – Part 9 - Macedonian League

Risto Stefov

October 14, 2009

If we "must" believe that Josip Broz Tito (May 7, 1892 - May 4, 1980), the Yugoslav dictator, along with the Communists, "invented" the Macedonians then we must also believe that Tito possessed a "Time Machine" because in this series of articles we will show you that the Macedonians existed way before Tito´s time.

As I was rudely awakened by a metallic sound and a sudden flash of light, I felt stiffness in my neck and back and had a hell of a headache when the Delorean´s trunk burst open and bright light flooded the narrow, shallow chamber. "Water, water," were the first words I uttered involuntarily as I attempted to focus my eyes on TrueMacedonian staring down at me. "Please help me out, I am stiff as a board and have one big headache," I explained as he offered his hand to pull me out. The next thing I remember was gulping down liquid from his bottle of water.

"It´s morning the next day," TrueMacedonian explained without me having to ask. "We came back late last night and Tito insisted we all go home together for our safety so forgive me for leaving you in the trunk. I suspected you were asleep so I figured you would be safe until morning."

"So what happened?" I asked. "What delayed you?"

"Well, it´s a bit embarrassing to say really, but let´s say that Tito had a ´prolonged´ date with one of his female friends who kept us busy way into the wee hours of the night.

Please stretch your legs now, go behind those bushes and let´s get you back in the trunk before the others arrive. Here, I will leave you some food in the trunk so that you won´t starve," TrueMacedonian instructed as I made my way towards the bushes.

I did as he asked and was back in the trunk just as the others were arriving around the corner.

"I know you all didn´t get much sleep last night but that should not be an excuse for not doing your jobs professionally," bellowed Tito as he boarded the Delorean. I guess this was his way of "greeting" the team.

"This morning we are going to Massillon, Ohio, to Sunday, May 26th, 1935! Look alive," Tito commanded as he set the time dials and pushed the activation button.

Hmm, Sunday, it must be a special mission I thought, having no idea how special it would be until I read the next day´s newspaper, "The Evening Independent";

"Macedonians to have convention

The Macedonian People´s league will hold its fifth annual convention at the German-American hall. 834 Grant St., Akron. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Approximately 100 delegates representing 36 groups in the United States and Canada with a membership of 1,200 will attend. Activities of the League will be discussed and a concrete plan for future campaigns in support of the struggle of the Macedonian people for a free Macedonia will be worked out.

Thursday, the central committee will give out its annual report. That evening at 8 o´clock a banquet in honor of delegates and guests will be held. One of the features of the convention will be a mass demonstration from Perkins square to Pleasant park against the national and social oppression of the Macedonian people by the governments of Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria, Sunday at 2 p.m. Besides the delegates and guests, many Akron workers and immigrants from the Balkan organizations will take part in the demonstration. Prominent speakers will have addresses." (The Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, Monday, May 27, 1935).

Macedonian People´s league? I thought Macedonians did not exist before 1945. Was this an "ethnic" Macedonian People´s league or a "geographical" one? What do you say Greeks?

Looking a bit lethargic the team returned and hurriedly left for its next mission. This time they went to New York, to 1940. The next day the following article appeared;

"Macedonian League Urges its Members to back U.S. Defense

Buffalo, Sept. 3. – Americans of Macedonian descent are urged in a resolution of the Macedonian People´s League of the United States.

The resolution, adopted at the closing session of the League´s annual convention yesterday, also favors support for the national defense program ´as long as it does not encourage fighting abroad´.

Snearie Voyeanoss, Pontiac, Mich., was reelected national chairman, and Garry, Ind., was chosen for the 1940 meeting.

Other officers are George Pirinsky, Detroit, Mich., national secretary; Dr. George Popoff, Buffalo, Michael Jovaehess, Detroit, Mich., William Popoff, Garry, Ind., Thomas Tavgos, Massillon, O., and William Goushiess, Mediscon, Dl., directors." (Syracuse Herald Journal, Tuesday, September 3rd, 1940)

"Oh my they are back so quickly," was my reaction when the team returned but more surprising was my reaction when I heard Tito say that they were actually going to ´Athens´ next. To Athens? Isn´t that like entering the bear´s den?

I didn´t realize what Tito was up to until I read the following article the next day;




(Received November 22, 10 a.m.

Athens, 21st November.

The Greeks under the Crown Prince have occupied Florina (15 miles south-south-east of Monastir), intercepted the retreat of the Monastir army´s rear guard.

Greek, Bulgarian and Servian officers at Salonika are warmly fraternizing.

Public fetes are being held.

Eight hundred wounded have arrived here from Salonika.

A Russian cruiser has hastily sailed for Jaffa in consequence of reported massacres of Christians.

A band of Macedonians ambushed 500 Turkish regulars in the Janina district, killing twenty four and wounding seventy seven. The rest fled." (The Evening Post, Volume LXXXIV, Issue 125, November 22, 1912, page 7)

Nicely done team, you got a reporter to say "Macedonians" in the middle of Athens. Wow!

Being tired from lack of sleep the night before, Tito decided to give the team a break and called it quits a bit earlier than usual. I think it was more like Tito himself was tired and did not want to fall asleep and look unprofessional on the job.

"See you all tomorrow same time," were the last words I heard from Tito, which told me that the team was going home. I couldn´t see my watch in the dark trunk so I waited a while until I was sure everyone was gone before I clipped the trunk door open. Wow, it was only 1 p.m. so I figured I would mosey along and go home when I heard footsteps approaching fast and heavy breathing coming my way. It was TrueMacedonian. He was truly back and in a hurry. Several days ago he promised me that he would return and here he was.

"I am so sorry I could not make it back the other days, things kept coming up and I had to postpone my return, but I am here now," explained TrueMacedonian as he tried to catch his breath. "Tonight we are going to rock the universe, you and I," he proudly announced.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"How about we just talk tonight because I am very tired and will most likely fall asleep and probably fall off the time machine and get lost in time," answered TrueMacedonian.

"You got it," I said "What´s on your mind?"

"First, let me clarify something here," he said. "This is not just a time machine this is a time machine and a matter-energy tele-transporter. This device will take you to the year you want to go and will tele-transport you to the location you want to go," explained TrueMacedonian as he pointed at the controls on the dashboard of the Delorean.

"It sounds to me like a marriage between H. G. Wells and Gene Roddenberry," I interceded.

"Exactly!" TrueMacedonian pointed out. "Now that we have all that sorted out, I would like to go home, if you don´t mind, and get some sleep. But before I do I would like to leave you with something, something that may shock you," said TrueMacedonian!

"You have my undivided attention," I answered as my curiosity peaked right off the curiosity meter scale!

"The time machine is not real, and Tito did not create the Macedonians," explained TrueMacedonian. "We have been brainwashed by the Greeks to believe this crap so that they can distract us from finding the truth."

"And what is the truth?" I asked.

"The truth is that Macedonians have always existed and are living in Greece today. Do you think Tito created those Macedonians? Did you know that these Macedonians have absolutely no human rights? The Greeks who are not even real Greeks, I will tell you more about that another time, in 1912 and 1913 invaded, occupied and annexed Macedonia illegally by war, kicked out as many Macedonians as they could, killed a lot of them, burned their homes and entire villages and forced the rest to become Greeks. Ever since then the Greeks have been abusing the Macedonians, changing their names, taking away their lands, discriminating against them and prohibiting them from speaking their language. And if that was not enough they prohibited them from calling themselves Macedonians and claimed no Macedonians ever existed. All Macedonian family names, toponyms, hydronyms, etc. were changed to remove all traces of the Macedonians. They even gave the Macedonians Greek sounding personal names and prohibited them from baptizing their children with traditional Macedonian names. But when they could no longer keep a lid on the Macedonians, the Greeks claimed that Tito somehow ´magically´ created them.

What I am telling you is real, it is the truth, the rest is a façade designed to waste our time in trying to prove the obvious. Of course Macedonians exist but whether they exist or not, it should not be a matter for anyone except for the Macedonians themselves to decide. Only Macedonians can decide whether Macedonians exist or not, not their enemies the Greeks, Bulgarians and others.

As you very well know, the Greeks have illegally invaded, occupied and annexed Macedonian lands, 51% to be precise. They have taken Macedonian peoples´ lands by force and without paying for them, which is unheard of anywhere else in the world, and now they will do anything; lie, cheat, discriminate and even claim Macedonians do not exist, to hide the truth and their crimes. This is real! What I am telling you is real, it is the truth.

There is a greater purpose that must be served, that we need to serve and that is to highlight the fact that Macedonians living in Greece today don´t even have the most basic of human rights. For God´s sake, they are not even allowed to call themselves Macedonians or speak their language; the language they learned from their mothers! What could be worse than that? And because they are Macedonians the Greeks discriminate against them even more and hate them because the Greeks know some day these Macedonians will be asking for their lands back. These lands have been given away and the only way to compensate for them will be to pay for them. And who is going to pay for them? Greece? Greece is broke. The burden will have to fall on European shoulders. No wonder Europeans hate us. They hate us because of what they have done to us, allowing Greece to abuse us for over a century. They should hate Greece, but Greece is their child, something they created in the 19th century, something we need to discuss in more detail later. Now I am getting very tired and need to go home and get some sleep. See you tomorrow."

And with those words, TrueMacedonian left for home, leaving me with a lot to think about.

Comments from our readers:

Zdravo Risto i dragi sorabotnici

If we must believe we have to engage in any old rubbish about who "invented" the Macedonians with any of our appalling opponents, especially the Greeks, let me run some thoughts past you I have had of late and also what I think about the Tito thesis:

If Tito could have created a "Macedonian ethnic group" with a Macedonian language and history he was or is probably as good as any saint or miracle worker in the best religions of the world. So, let me repeat what I once proposed to our Greek friends on a moronic blog site when I was still naïve and believed that the Internet could be a force for deliberative democracy: the Greeks should build and have consecrated by the Patriarch in Istanbul (no longer Constantinople, alas, for the day in 1453) a holy cathedral. Now this cathedral should be built in Greek-occupied Macedonia (Let us never forget since 1913) in honour of Saint Josip Broz Tito who performed the miracle of creating an ethnic group called "Macedonian". The reason for the "Greeks" (who "created" them, by the way?) consecrating such a cathedral "our Dedo" in historical Macedonian territory is that Modern Greeks can pray to Saint J B Tito with their usual fervour for a "Macedonian" ethnic group to be delivered to them which speaks Greek! (Incidentally, the fact that Tito was a communist and an atheist who used the excuse for his policies "Narodot" rather than "Boga" is just a point of historical detail-a saint must make the most of his opportunities.)

If anyone really wants to know who "created" the Macedonians let them consider the following line of argument: Aristotle the philosopher (384-322 BC) born in Stageira in the ancient kingdom of Macedonia had his mental or psychic structure formed by a Macedonian upbringing of the time. He became learned in every area of human knowledge in the Attic language (not called "Greek" at the time) in the city state of Athens. He has been the most extraordinary and most influential thinker in European civilization and beyond. Aristotle's thought and writings were rescued by brilliant Arab philosophers like Averroes, Avicenna etc., and his influence came into the medieval world via the Arabic language, then Latin, Spanish Castilian, etc., so he was a universal genius that could speak to humanity in all languages. His basic view was intellectualist: that through the use of reason human beings could find happiness. And yes, he was a Macedonian, not an Athenian, and I would choose him as my model rather than Alexander the Great and not just because I happen to have been born about 150 kilometers from Stageira in the middle of the 20th century. (Incidentally, Alexander the Great died at the age of 32 of alcoholic poisoning because the Macedonians and the "Greeks" were not convinced that he should be worshipped as a god - an idea about kingship that he keenly adopted from the more profound and complex cultures he had conquered in the East).

I think it is important to remind ourselves that the real world beyond the Balkan nationalistic propaganda fantasyland does not care about who the real descendants are from the "cradle of culture". So shoulder to the wheel let us again speak of the key priorities: human and national rights for the Macedonians in 2009. The justice and freedom that they are entitled to at present and should be striving for are not even remotely connected to issues concerning antiquity or even Sveti Dedo Tito.

Although, I do commend the unmasking of the claptrap and hocus pocus of the nationalists-it is the positive stuff that should be fore grounded rather than the lies that every nation feels obliged to tell to bolster itself up as a legitimate entity.

Jim T.

To be continued.

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