Создавањето на Грција 2

Создавањето на Грција 2 - присилната хеленизација

Making of Greece - artificial helenization

Greece and Turkey Exchange Two Million of their People

Karamanlides are a Turkish-speaking ethnic group that are of Orthodox Christian faith. Numerous repressive measures adopted by the Greek authorities, including the notorious removal of their Greek citizenship from those who dared to travel to Turkey, have inclined even the non-Turkish speaking component of the Minority into public identification as Turkish. Throughout the Ottoman period, Christians had informally referred to non-Arab Muslims (e.g. Kurds, Turks, Albanians) as "Turks" (Quataert, 2000: 173); despite this long tradition, such identification is prohibited under Greek law and they can only identify themselves as Muslims.

Greece recognizes only religious and nonethnic minorities.

Thus, the Albanians, the Macedonians and the Turks that are Christian Orthodox, do not appear in official statistics, which are not reliable in any event. However, despite the ethnic mixing that has occurred since the population exchanges at the beginning of the 20th century, one can estimate that nearly 800 000 are Karamanites in Greece, a geat portin of which has been hellenised. In fact, a former president of the Greek republic, was a Karamanite.

"If the hundreds of thousands of refugees had not come to Greece, Greek Macedonia would not exist today." - Augostinos Kandiotis

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