The Balkan Revolution

Feilding Star, Volume XXV, Issue 53, 17 August 1903, Page 2


Horrible Atrocities. 14 Villages Wiped Out.

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ATHENS, August 16.
The Greek Premier, receiving the foreign Ambassadors, pointed oul the necessity of giving Turkey a free hand in dealing with the Balkan troubles, and requesting her to us the utmost severity to restore order
Revolutionary bands dynamited s bridge on the Monastir railway line

Halin, Bostovsky's (Russian Consul) murderer, has been sentenced to be hanged with an accomplice who did not interfere to prevent the crime. Another gendarme was sen tenced to 16 years' penal servitude

BELGRADE, August 16.
The Customs authorities have confiscated a quantity of ammunitior in cases labelled hardware nails and destined for Macedonia.

LONDON, August 16.
Belgrade advices state that the Turks have been guilty of horrible atrocities in villages near Monastir They destroyed 14 villages in the Uskub and Viles districts.

SOFIA, August 15.
Bulgaria presents ot the Powers i memorial enumerating the misdeedi on Christians in the villages border ing Bulgaria, and setting out the hopelessness of expecting any good from Turkey's so called reforms.

The Ambassadors here demanded that the Porte take measures for the protection of the Consuls and foreign subjects at Monastir owing to the population demanding arms ostensibly for selfdefence.
The Turkt and Macedonians mutually accuse each other of massacres. The instances quoted include Christians at Kitchevo and Moslems at Krushevo, which the troops afterwards reoccupied.

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