Revengeful Macedonian Insurgents

Revengeful Macedonian Insurgents.

Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 11153, 14 January 1904, Page 5

Received January 14, 9.30 a.m.


An ill-famed Macedonian insurgent named, Chernopejeff and other members of the Vehninigiricht, who are punishing the Macedonians for deserting the cause, shot and wounded Captain Stojanoff, who had resigned the membership of Colonel Tyont- cheff's Revolutionary Committee, also Judge Semerdsdiieff at a highway in Sofia. The assailants escaped.

Macedonians exploded a magazine at Kotana;by electricity, causing serious losses.

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Anonymous said...

An ill-famed Macedonian insurgent named, Chernopejeff

Чернопеев е б'лгарин от Ловечко, коj се бори за браката си во Македониа, па затова е и македонски комита, шо подобар пример за поимот "македонски" - ГЕОГРАФСКО наименование, не етничко.