Chillicothe Constitution - 1925

Chillicothe Constitution, Missouri,Wednesday, April 29, year 1925,

In Central Europe, German chauvinism is recovering momentum, Austria with four-fifths of her former industry delivered to Chechoslovakia, withers from economic impotence. Czechoslovakia, still nursing a grudge against Poland for the Teschen "plebiscite," Is wondering when the Hungarian irridentists will strike out. And meanwhile, the burly Slovaks cry "Autonomy!" and the German- Bohemian jingoes await the moment when Germany can support their demands against the Czechs. Hungary contemplates her despoiled empire and, giving vent to her humiliation, echoes her old warwhoop, "No, no, never!"

To the Southeast, in the Balkans, the familiar signs of surest are not lacking. Belgrade, has resorted to dictatorship. Jugoslavia and Bulgaria watch one another across their frontier, wondering which will leave the first brick. The Macedonians continue their policy of provoking first the Serbs and then the Bulgarians in the hope that gome day, while the two are quarreling. Macedonia may run off with the coveted bone of independence.

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