The Release of Miss Stone

Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXI, Issue 5625, 20 March 1902, Page 4

The Release of Miss Stone.

(By Telegraph.)

(Per R M S Sonoma, at Auckland.)

San Francisco, February 27

A despatch from Constantinople, dated February 23rd, announces that Miss Stone, the American Missionary, captured by brigands in September last, has been released, and had reached Strumitza, in Macedonia. Miss Stone's friends had almost given up expectation of ever seeing her again, Madame Tsilka and her baby, the latter born in captivity, were released at the same time, all well. Mr Spencer, who conducted the negotiations at Constantinople for Miss Stone's release, stated that it was entirely a politic matter. All the people in Macedonia were entirely In sympathy with the kidnapping, because they believe it to be a step towards the freeing of Macedonia from Turkish rule. The money demanded, the 100,000 dollars' ransom, was intended for the Macedonian cause.

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