A Visit to Belgrade

A Visit to Belgrade by James Whittle. Published in 1854 (page 44)/ Посета на Белград од Џејмс Витл. Издадена во 1854 година (44 стр.)

"...you come in, that I may pay my respects to you?" he added, but without interrupting his pipemaking.
I stepped into the shop and seated myself on a carpct four times folded, which the young Turk, on a sign from Hassan, had spread out for me.
"Well, how arе you pleased with us?" asked Hassan, taking up a fresh piece of red clay; " is it not better here than over yonder in your German towns?"
I assured Hassan that the gay and unusual colours and the mode of life interested me extremely, and that I was never tired of gazing about me.
"Ah !" he continued, " there is always something worth seeing in Belgrade. People meet here from all quarters of the globe,—Macedonians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Bosniaks, Herzegovinians, Montenegrins, and even Swabians."..."

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