Practical Track Maintenance

Practical Track Maintenance (Second Edition) by Kenneth L. Van Auken. Chicago, Illinois.

Практично Одржување на Пруги (Второ Издание) од Кенет Л. Ван Аукен. Чикаго, Илиноис

"Macedonian Laborer—Macedonians make good track laborers because they have peaceful dispositionand are naturally inclined to respect the autority of the foreman They are rather hard to teach, it being particularly hard for them to become adept in the use of the shovel for tamping or even for excavating. This is because they are not accustomed to using shovels in their native country. They are conscientious and loyal and in general are better men to have in isolated places than Italians or Bulgarians, or other nationalities which submit to the leadership of an interpreter. Macedonian men make good assistant foremen. They keep the men in good spirits and yet get a good day's work out of them They make good trackmen and are as dependable as American foremen as far as their knowledge goes."

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