A History of all nations

A History of all nations, From the earliest periods to the present time;

By S. G. Goodrich, 1851 (Vol. 1)

In the war with Aladdin, hostilities were enrried on with comparative mildness, both parties being Mahometans A proclamation was issued by Amurath, prohibiting his soldiers, upon pain of death, from using violence toward the peaceable inhabitants, in order to show the world that he made war upon his brethren, not for the sake of aggrandizement, but to repel unmerited injury and wrong. He punished severely some Christian auxiliaries for transgressing these orders. These forces had been sent by Lazarus, prince of Servia, who, being informed of their treatment, took such offence that he broke off his alliance with the sultan, аnd raised a confederacy of the neighboring nations against him.

The Servians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Bosnians, Wallachians, Hungarians, and others, combined their forces, and formed a great army. Amurath hastened to Europe, and met his enemies on the plain of Cossova. The fight was long doubtful, until the Turks, pretending to give way, threw the Christian ranks into disorder. A dreadful slaughter ensued ; the confederates fled, leaving the field to the victorious Ottomans. Lazarus fell in the engagement: but the triumph of Amurath was cut short in an unexpected manner. As he was walking over the field of battle, he stopped to look at some wounded men, when one of them, a fierce Croat, just breathing his last, made a midden spring at him, ami with a short sword which he still held in his hand, gave the sultan a mortal wound, after which he fell back, and expired, (A. D. 1387)

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