The Oriental herald - 1829

The Oriental herald, and journal of General literature.

Vol. XXI. April to june 1829

"The war which the Russians carried into the Turkish empire, commenced in provinces not at all Turkish nor even Musliman; but the Christian inhabitants of which had, in addition to the tie of religion, a right to their protection by treaties, and a claim to the compassion of all mankind on account of an oppression alike intolerable and unjust. At the sound of the first Russian trumpet, the Greeks were not the only people whose hearts leaped with joy in the belief that they beheld their protectors. The Moldavians, the Wallachians, the Bulgarians, the Macedonians and Thessaliane, Servians and Montenegrians, even the Arnauts and Bosnians, although the latter passed for Muslimans, participated in this feeling. The Russian Government, however, by a pretended deference to the principle of legitimacy, (calumniated by being confounded with the..."

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