The Globe, May 13, 1937

Macedonians noted in The Gobe, Thursday, May 13, 1937

IN GRATITUDE. There's a lovely virtue that's all too seldom seen, the virtue known as gratitude. But our Macedonian fellow-citizens have brought us a glimpse of it in this Coronation week. There is little money among these people, who, in the days of the early church, called to the Apostles with the cry that has become incorporated into our common speech, and is often applied to sccular things. "Come over into Macedonia and help us. Down In Trinity Street, where they made a church from a frame house, they have celebrated the crowning of King George with loyal sincerity and with religious rites. For they say. "We have found freedom under the British flag," and freedom is as dear to the Macedonian, as ever it was to the British heart; dearer, possibly, for the Macedonian knows what oppression means. So they have put up an arch outside the Church of St Cyril, and surmounting it is a crown, flanking it large portraits of the King and the Queen. Their Majesties' pictures, against a background of the Union Jack, with its crosses of St. George, St. Andrew and St. Patrick, arc over the church door, and streamers and flags fly from its walls and windows. There is something infinitely touching in this evidence of love for the realm that has given them shelter, a fore I taste, perhaps, of the harmony that is hoped will be developed under the new reign.

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