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Denounce Charges that They Had Hand In Kidnapping Miss Stone.

Sofia, Dec. 1. -- M. Mihialowsky, president of the Macedonian committee, recently made a speech at Varna, in Bulgaria, in which he denounced M. Sarafof, former president of the committee, and the Macedonians as agitators, murderers, and blackmailers. Among other crimes he accused them of kidnapping Miss Ellen M. Stone, the American missionary.


Revolutionary Committee Calls on Natives to Fight for Liberty. An Appeal to Be Made to the Powers Against Turkey -- Sultan's Measures May Exasperate Neutrals.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct. 3. -- The organ of the Macedonian committee has published a manifesto of Col. Jankoff, leader of the Macedonian insurrection, announcing the revolution and calling on all Macedonians to take up arms in behalf of their country. The colonel points out that all the Balkan states won their liberty by fire and blood.


Protest Against the Action of the Bulgarian Officials. Reported that Warrants Are Out for a Number of Leaders -- Austro-Hungarian Demands Greatly Modified.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Feb. 15. -- A mass-meeting of 10,000 Macedonians was held here to-day to protest against the action of the government in dissolving the Macedonian committees in Bulgaria. The meeting demanded the re-establishment of the Macedonian societies and the judicial punishment of individual offenders.

NOTE TO THE PORTE - Feb 18, 1903

It Has Been Submitted to European Cabinets. REFORMS ARE SUGGESTED Critical Moment in Affairs Concerning Macedonia. Good Faith of Bulgarian Government in Ordering Recent Arrests of Macedonians Is Questioned -- Germany Reported to Have Shown Tendency to Support Turkey -- Explanation of Project as Application of Europe's Monroe Doctrine.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Feb. 17. -- The Sobranj today, after a long and heated debate, adopted a resolution approval of the action of the government in suppressing the Macedonian committees.

APPEAL TO POWERS - Aug 11, 1903

Macedonians Are Bent on Securing Intervention. DEFIANCE TO THE SULTAN Declare it Will Continue Until Reforms Are Granted. Situation in the Balkans Causing Grave Concern to Statesmen of Europe -- Murder of Russian Consul by Turkish Soldier Has Seriously Complicated Situation and Encouraged Insurgents -- Macedonians Said to Be Cruel. APPEAL TO POWERS

Sofia, Bulgaria, Aug. 10. -- The representatives of the Macedonian revolutionary committee have published a statement saying that the number of insurgents in the district of Monastir is 8,000, and that they are armed with rifles purchased in Greece.

WAR ON THE TURKS - Aug 14, 1903

Macedonians Say Only Powers Can End Conflict. RAIL AT AMERICAN PRESS Declare Turkish Gold Has Overcome Sympathy for Rebels. Turkish Troops Described as Badly Clothed and Demoralized, While Insurgents Are Well Equipped and Enthusiastic -- Reports of Fighting at Several Points, with Accompanying Massacres -- Indemnity Not Sufficient. WAR ON THE TURKS.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Aug. 13. -- The Macedonian leaders express themselves as greatly disappointed with what they assert is the distinctly hostile attitude of America toward their cause, as manifested in the utterances of the press. Dr. Christo Tartercheff, one of the presidents of the central internal Macedonian committee, to-day told a representative of the Associated Press that his party was convinced that American newspapers had been bought with Turkish gold.


Macedonians Doing Utmost to Involve Bulgaria. CONFLICT IS NOW INEVITABLE Turkey Has an Army of 175,000 Men in the Revolted Provinces -- Villages of an Entire District Burned --The Belief Prevails that the Empire of the Porte Is on the Eve of a Catastrophe.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept. 7. -- In official quarters there is a suspicious absence of news from the interior of Macedonia and also from Adrianople, and it is feared that the conditions there are steadily becoming worse. The Macedonian organizations are straining every nerve to force Bulgaria into a war.


Mr. Stephanove Writes in Defense of His Countrymen and Their Cause.

Editor Post: I feel it my duty as a Macedonian to say a few words more in the way of explaining, than because of any desire on my part, of confuting some of the statements contained in an article on the editorial page of your esteemed paper, published some time ago, on the subject, "Facts About the Macedonians."

REDS IN THE BALKANS. - Jul 29, 1924

The visit paid to London in May by Todor Alexandroff, the leader of the Macedonian revolutionary organization, was directly connected with the recently reported bolshevist efforts to obtain the collaboration of the Macedonians in their plans to bring about revolutionary upheavals in the Balkans, reports a correspondent of the London Times.


Belgrade, Jugoslavia, Nov. 24 (A.P.). -- Mayor Constantinovitch of Lubata was slain today at Kustendil, Bulgaria, where he went on private business equipped with a regular passport. It is believed that he was murdered by Macedonian revolutionaries because he had organized several successful punitive expeditions against Macedonian border raiders

Hidden King Rules Land of 2,500,000 - Dec 20, 1931

"Premier," Once Cleveland Man, Is Macedonian Revolutionary.

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Dec 19 (A.P.). -- Somewhere in the Balkan mountains is a former Clevelander who acts as "prime minister" and plenipotentiary to a "king without a kingdom." Jordan Shkatroff is the adviser and Ivan Mihailoff is the "king" who leads the "Imro," a revolutionary organization of Macedonians seeking by romantic warfare to discourage the rule of Greece, Bulgaria and Jugoslavia.

Croats Are With Them In Autonomy Strife - By Arch A. Mercey, Oct 14, 1934

IMRO, Their Revolutionary Organization, Has for Its Motto "Liberty or Death;" and a Great Power in the Balkans. Bitterness Behind War on the Crown Slaying of Alexander Result of Surging Hatred of Small National Groups That Were Suppressed by Versailles Treaty. 'Oppression' Is Cry in Balkans Macedonians and Croats Push Demands for Freedom.

The assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and the tragic concomitants and results are according to many observers the consequences of oppression of nationalistic groups within the boundaries of Yugoslavia. Chief of these groups are the Croatians and the Macedonians, both of which desire local autonomy and separation into independent states.

American Croats Issue Declaration Blaming Yugoslavia - Dec 2, 1934

Oppression of Minorities Caused Alexander's Slaying. Seek New Independent States Within the Balkans. Croats Here Protest Against Yugoslavia

Youngstown, Dec. 1. -- American compatriots of oppressed Croatian and Macedonian minorities in Europe in a national conference here tonight adopted a declaration demanding a complete investigation by an impartial international commission into the appeals of their countrymen.

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