Macedonian Secret Sixteen

Macedonian Secret Sixteen

Macedonian Secret Sixteen

By Dusan Sinadinoski

The legendary Macedonian people did not choose their own history. They were ordained by the wise and righteous deities of the mighty heavens. After a long and careful deliberation the heavenly powers choose to create the Macedonian people in their own image and to bestow upon them their heavenly wisdom. The supreme powers knew right away that the Macedonians were the only people capable of spreading their will and wisdom to the vast lands of earthly nations. With that purpose in mind, the divine powers gave Macedonians the number sixteen as their secret source of power and appointed them to an angelic mission to free their self-enslaved neighbors, as well as other faraway nations, and to lead them to the gates of divine grandeur. But the divine powers will keep the gates of heaven closed for all nations of the world until sixteen wonders come to pass from Macedonia.

Thus prepared, the Macedonians were set on a mission. From the dawn of the civilized world, through the dark ages and to the present, the courageous and the free-spirited Macedonians begin to blaze a path to the kingdom of wisdom for those of a less fortunate fate. It all began with the Kingdom of Macedon and Alexander the Great, the greatest Macedonian king and the greatest of all earthly kings. It was also intended, according to the heavenly design, that the greatest philosopher of all times, the unsurpassable Aristotle, to be of a Macedonian kinship and to be the teacher of Alexander the Great.

This Macedonian deity, Alexander the Great, did not become great just because he fought wars and conquered foreign lands. There were many kings and ruthless rulers before and after him who fought wars and conquered lands – but none of them could surpass his greatness because it wasn’t designed to be. What set Alexander the Great apart from the rest of the kings, famous and infamous, was his vision to fulfill gods’ will to unite all nations of the world. For that purpose, the Macedonian king of kings was endowed with powers of wisdom and courage to free the enslaved nations and to enlighten the dark laden world. This military and political genius of unsurpassed achievements succeeded in establishing a world’s first universal kingdom out of sixteen enslaved nations more than two thousand years ago. No other mighty king of today and yesterday can measure up to Alexander’s sacred deeds because he was ordained to be one of the sixteen wonders which had to come from Macedonia.

Macedonia was again immortalized by none other than St Paul himself, the greatest apostle of the Christian Church. As the holiest of all great Christian visionaries and missionaries, St Paul had the vision to come to Macedonia upon God’s request in order to enlighten the masses and to build temples of holy wisdom. Thus was commanded by God; thus St Paul obeyed and Macedonia became a holy land. Once again, in accordance with the sacred design, St Paul was required to mention Macedonia sixteen times in the bible, just like the Macedonian sun has sixteen rays. Only those nations deprived of wisdom can’t understand that the number sixteen is not an ordinary number but a divine sign to be understood only by the Macedonian people until all sixteen wonders come to pass. As St. Paul by fulfilling his holy mission to Macedonia because that was God’s will, he also became one of the sixteen wonders that will com from

So Macedonia continued to be a blessed nation because the will of God required that sixteen saints should come from Macedonia, including St. Cyril, St. Methodius, St Clement and St Naum; Macedonia’s most holy Christian Orthodox icons. These Macedonian holy icons, the envies of Macedonian friends and enemies alike, created the holly Slavonic letters so that the masses of the vast lands of the Slavs and other nations, from the Balkans to the Urals, a total of sixteen in number, could read the words of wisdom and to have the means to immortalize their thoughts and deeds. Through these Macedonian deities, Macedonia became the birthplace of one of the oldest alphabets in the world. They provided many small and great nations with the means to explore themselves and the universe. Thus whenever someone from any of those nations travels into space, wins a Noble prize, or makes an extraordinary achievement in any endeavor; it was made possible because of these great Macedonian visionaries and missionaries. Yet, this was only another wonder of the sixteen commanded by the holy powers to come from Macedonia.

But fate wanted to test the will and resolve of the Macedonian nation to survive and succeed where all other people stop and fold. Other more powerful and bigger but much more ruthless and ignorant nations have aspired to dominate the sacred Macedonian lands and claim them as their own. They have attempted to deprive the Macedonian people of their ordained history, to steal their identity and to decorate themselves with Macedonian sacred medals. These cave- bound and knowledge deprived nations, adorned with stolen Macedonian sacred icons, pretend that the Kingdom of Macedonia with its sixteen wonders is their prize of distinction They recklessly appointed themselves as Macedonian ambassadors to spread to the rest of the world their fictitious truth of the Kingdom of Macedonia. They continue to promulgate this vulgar truth because they fear their ghost from the past will come back to haunt them and because they know their Judgment Day is nearing for them. But the destined Macedonian nation will endure and continue to produce future wonders because the power Vergina’s star will not stop shining over the Kingdom of Macedonia until all sixteen wonders come to pass from Macedonia.

The Macedonian destiny was carved in stone in order to endure all the evils that are lurking hidden behind the token offers of friendship or direct aggressions. That is why no amount of force coming from mega ideas, underground designs, internal supreme sabotage organizations or militant secret leagues will derail the Macedonians from their path to reach the gates of havens. The Sun of Vergina with its sixteen rays, their secret heavenly number, was created to enlighten the way to their throne of eternal paradise. The heavenly design for Macedonia must be fulfilled and until it happens no power on earth will be capable of changing the will of heavens.

Now the Kingdom of Macedonia is not as big and as powerful as it once was. But the Macedonians have the secret number sixteen and this number reveals all the secrets of the heavens to them. The Macedonians know that this number holds their secret because everything in nature divides into halve and each halve further divides into half until the number one comes. This is true because a half of sixteen is eight, half of eight is four, half of four is two and half of two is one. That is why the Macedonian Star of Vergina has sixteen rays, one for each Macedonian deity but all the sixteen deities form one indivisible god, the Macedonian sun. That is why the heavenly powers designed the Macedonian sun to represent the true nature of heaven’s secret. No wonder why those who worship the number twelve on Mount Olympus have false beliefs because number twelve divides into one and one half, but nothing in the world ends in one and a half. Has anyone has ever seen one and a half suns?

Those who can’t tell a fact from a judgment or a truth from a lie still have doubts that Macedonia is a sacred nation. So many still live in the dark and don’t understand the true meaning of Macedonian glory. Let them hear it again that it was in accordance with the design and not by an earthly accident that Alexander of Macedonia became a king of sixteen nations. If this was not true, why his phalanx consisted of sixteen rows and sixteen columns? Why were the soldiers’ sarissa sixteen feet long? If it wasn’t in accordance to the plan, why was Macedonia mentioned sixteen times in the bible and sixteen saints had to come from Macedonia? Wasn’t the plan fulfilled again when sixteen great nations learn how to read and write using the Macedonian alphabet? Didn’t sixteen legendary Macedonianvojvoda defend the sacred Macedonian land? Can any mortal man, then, explain why these wonders of the number sixteen have come from Macedonia! Who can now doubt that the Star of Vergina with its sixteen rays, one each for all sixteen Macedonian wonders, is not a heavenly sign for Macedonia? That is why it is not secret that all these great heavenly signs mean that a total sixteen wonders are ordained to come from Macedonia before the world becomes an earthly heavens.

Rejoice Macedonians! The Kingdom of Macedonia is forever – the sixteen wonders still have to
come to pass

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