BIG Greek Lie 13

BIG Greek Lie 13 - No Macedonians Exist in Macedonia

(Many Greeks believe no Macedonians exist in Macedonia)

By Risto Stefov

[NOTE: Our apologies to the Greek people if they find these articles offensive. Our objective here is NOT to create tension between the Macedonian and Greek people but rather to highlight the problem that exists within the Greek State and its institutions. As long as the Greek State denies our existence as Macedonians with rights and privileges, we will continue to publish these types of articles.]

Greece it seems is evolving but it is a sort of sideways evolution. If you have been paying attention to the Greeks you would have heard their claims that there were no Macedonians living in Greece, that is, not until the late 1980s. In fact, according to the Greek State, there was not even a Macedonia until the late 1980s. First it was called "New Territories" and then "Northern Greece".

Today however, according to some Greeks, there are all kinds of Macedonians living in Greece except for Macedonian-Macedonians. Macedonian-Macedonians? What is that? Isn't that a bit confusing?

That is exactly the whole point! That is precisely how Greece likes people to be, CONFUSED!

If you ask some nationalistic or brainwashed Greeks they will tell you that there are all kinds of Macedonians, there are "Greek-Macedonians", "Bulgarian-Macedonians", Serbian-Macedonians", "Albanian-Macedonians", "Romanian-Macedonians", "Russian-Macedonians", "Slav-Macedonians", "Armenian-Macedonians", "Jewish-Macedonians", "Muslim-Macedonians", "Christian-Macedonians", "Vlach-Macedonians", "Turkish-Macedonians", "Roma-Macedonians" and a whole slew of other types of Macedonians living in Greece today EXCEPT FOR "Macedonian-Macedonians". They will also tell you that "Skopjans" and "FYROMians", among others, live in the Republic of Macedonia but NO MACEDONIANS.

While the Macedonians (and by Macedonians I mean the real Macedonians, you know the ones who according to Greece don't exist) and the rest of the world are expecting Greece to move forward and recognize the Macedonian minority in Greece, Greeks are going off on a tangent fabricating Macedonian ethnicities while refusing to recognize the existence of the real genuine Macedonians. Why?

Why will Greece not admit to the existence of Macedonians in Macedonia? What is Greece afraid of?

Obviously, by fabricating a variety of "type of Macedonian" let's call them X-Macedonians, Greece is trying to confuse the uninformed into believing that Macedonia is a land of immigrants who are only geographically associated with Macedonia. According to Greece, there are no real Macedonians in Macedonia; they vanished a long time ago. The idea here is to give you the impression that Macedonia has no indigenous people living on its soil which is ironic because Greeks refer to the real Macedonians living in Greece as "endopyi" which in Greek means indigenous.

Yesterday there were no Macedonians at all but today there is a full range of Macedonians. Why is Greece doing this? Why are some Greeks risking being ridiculed around the world and I mean literally being ridiculed around the world, to cover-up the existence of Macedonians by inventing the X-Macedonians?

Perhaps they feel that no-one will notice the "bland Macedonian" if they are surrounded by an array of "flavourful X-Macedonians", right? Sort of camouflaging the real with fakes. Or cloaking the truth among a dozen lies. What better way to minimize the worth of the real Macedonian with a variety of X-Macedonians.

Well only the Greek architects of this fiasco know for sure why they are doing it, we on the other hand can only speculate!

It has always been my belief that Greece will do anything to hold onto Macedonian lands and to the Macedonian heritage. Blinded by the glory of the ancients, modern Greeks committed acts of violence to re-capture something dead and long gone. In the process they hurt a lot of people, not only Macedonians but also some of their own. Most Greeks are aware of these realities, especially those in power, but refuse to face up to them.

The price for achieving Hellenism, which in modern terms is nothing more than a myth, was the destruction and death of a number of real and vibrant cultures. There are many Greeks even today who still buy into the idea that the cultures their state destroyed were not worthy of saving. It seems that modern Greeks prefer living the myth of Hellenism over the reality of being Albanians, Vlachs, Turks, Macedonians, Roma and a number of other ethnicities that make-up their multi-ethnic Greek nation-state today.

What is unfortunate about this is that Greece never bothered to ask people what they preferred. They simply bulldozed the old and real for the sake of creating the new and artificial.

There are Greeks today who refuse to accept the fact that they are descendents not of the ancient Greeks and ancient Macedonians but of the modern Albanians, Vlachs, Turks, Roma, Macedonians, and others; the very same ethnicities they so loath and despise.

So why are Greeks afraid to admit that Macedonians exist? Allow me to state the reasons!

If they admit to Macedonians living among them, then they will also have to admit to the horrible things they did to them like lying to them about their existence, forcing them to become Greeks and imposing on them their Hellenic artificial values.

They will have to admit that it was wrong to invade Macedonia and take Macedonian lands illegally and by force.

They would have to admit that they were wrong about expelling people from their homes and native lands during those massive population expulsions they perpetrated against an innocent people whose only fault was to be born Macedonian.

They would have to admit to being wrong in punishing people and sending them to prison for speaking their native mother language, the only language they knew.

They would have to admit to being wrong for changing all the toponyms, hydronyms, people's names and giving them alien names which they truly despised.

Greeks instinctively fear the loss of Macedonia, their bread basket, because they know exactly how they acquired it. But let me tell you of an old Macedonian saying which goes something like this; "that which you fear, you can not escape".


The truth is there is no harm in calling yourselves whatever you want but as far as being X-Macedonians you are not! Political motivation, fashion and desire to please your state are not prerequisites for belonging to an ethnicity, especially to the Macedonian ethnicity. Only Macedonians can be ethnically Macedonians. "Greek-Macedonians" cannot be ethic Macedonians or ethnic Greeks (if there is such a thing) because they belong to a third category called "Greek-Macedonians". Also in order to belong to an ethnicity, that ethnicity must have its own existence, its own history and its own natural place in the world. "Greek-Macedonian" is a politically motivated idea, a belief in something that has no physical existence, which in actual fact is more like a cult than an ethnicity.

The only reason that there is even a mention of X-Macedonians is to serve anti-Macedonian interests, mainly those of Greece and Bulgaria which both deny the existence of Macedonians.

So, do X-Macedonians really exist or are they another BIG Greek lie? You be the judge!

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