Come take a ride in Tito’s time Machine 19

Come take a ride in Tito’s time Machine – Part 19 – Conclusion

Risto Stefov

December 20, 2009

If we “must” believe that Josip Broz Tito (May 7, 1892 - May 4, 1980), the Yugoslav dictator, along with the Communists, “invented” the Macedonians then we must also believe that Tito possessed a “Time Machine” because in this series of articles we will show you that the Macedonians existed way before Tito’s time.

As soon as I had read the newspaper articles left for me by TrueMacedonian I left for home. I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to Tito. Was he sick? He didn’t look like he’d had too much rakija. Besides it was too early in the morning for rakija, he usually drinks in the evenings.

Why would TrueMacedonian want to see me at midnight ? Could it be because of this new departure time?

All was about to be revealed when I showed up at the “secret spot” at midnight and finally had a talk with TrueMacedonian. Surely he will tell me everything! After all, that is why he wants to see me, I thought to myself.

I noticed the time was 11:50 PM as I took the turn for the “secret spot” on my way to meet with TrueMacedonian. It was dark and impossible to see where I was going when I suddenly noticed a beam of light illuminating my path. The person lighting my way must have realized they startled me because the next thing I saw was a face lit up. The beam of light was now illuminating the person’s face. It was TrueMacedonian. In spite of my startled state, I recognized him. “What are you doing all the way out here?” I asked.

“I figured you might forget to bring a flashlight,” he said “so I came out here to meet you.”

“I have so many questions,” I said “I don’t know where to begin.”

“For starters hello to you too,” he said as he stood silent with a disappointed look on his face!

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, let me get to the point,” he said. “Tito has fallen sick and has cancelled all future missions. Today at 6:00 AM we are, I mean the team without you, is boarding the time machine for the last time. Each one of us will be taken back to our actual time and place of origin and will be left there permanently. So this is actually goodbye. I will not be able to see you again. I will however answer all your questions before I go,” explained TrueMacedonian.

The shocking news of not being able to go on missions and not being able to have my talks with TrueMacedonian dulled my senses and made all my questions pointless.

“I knew this would happen. That is why I had Soldier of Macedon from the Macedonian Truth forum compile this list just for you,” said TrueMacedonian as he handed me a piece of paper.

“Before you read it just listen to me, my time here is short and I want to emphasize some important things,” said TrueMacedonian as I gave him my full attention.

“The idea of publishing century old articles was good; it gave the readers ample information with which they could combat Greek propaganda, Greek fabrications and false Greek claims that the Macedonian identity was created by Tito. But there is something more important that needs to be done and that is to expose the Greek lies about themselves. Modern Greeks on one hand claim to be ethnically pure ‘Greeks’ who have descended from the ancient Greeks and on the other they claim ‘Macedonians don’t exist’! How can that be since Macedonia and Greece not only have been without borders for over two millennia, but both have been exposed to the same invasions and ravishes of time. Whatever happened in Macedonia happened in Greece . Historically this, without a doubt, can be proven. Sorry but Greece can’t have it both ways and I can’t emphasize this more strongly. The world needs to know the truth, particularly the Macedonian and Greek people. Both Macedonians and Greeks need to know that the Modern Greeks are just as diverse a collection of ethnicities as are the Macedonians. The truth is that all peoples in the Balkans are so mixed that only their politics makes them unique. And by that I mean by living without borders, by mixing with one another and by being exposed to the same invasions, we have become indistinguishable from one another except for our politics of course. This we all need to understand!

We also need to understand that it was the Western Europeans who came along and told us who we can or can’t be. Let’s not forget that and let’s not let others and their plans be the object of our division. Heck let’s tell it the way it is! We are Macedonians, we feel Macedonian and that is what we always have been and will be. We deserve to be treated the same as our neighbours because we are no different than them. We should not be asked to make ‘compromises’, especially to our detriment, in order to make our enemies happy. Unfortunately it goes deeper than just happiness. I think the question of who we are has nothing to do with ‘really who we are’ but has a lot to do with who benefits if we are not Macedonians. Our loss is someone else’s gain, more precisely it has to do with what the Greeks will gain because of our loss; something they have stolen from us and now don’t want to give back. Personal interests are always at the root of every ‘conflict’ be it between individual people or between countries. Western Europeans created Modern Greece basically out of fiction to satisfy their own interests and as a result they sacrificed us and our Macedonian identity. Why they did this is another story but it does not change the fact that they allowed Greece to invade, occupy and annex Macedonian territories, displace people, commit genocide, confiscate properties and assets and all that without any compensation. Perhaps that was fashionable in the old days but none the less it was illegal. Things, unfortunately (for them), have changed now and the winds favour us, the Macedonians, and we want back what was once taken from us. Besides compensation for what was illegally stolen from us we also want recognition for the injustices perpetrated against us. We are asking them to admit their guilt for their wrong doings, which for them is very difficult to do. So they maintain that ‘Macedonians don’t exist’; out of sight out of mind. How can they be guilty of committing crimes against a people that don’t exist? Thus abusers continue to excuse themselves of their responsibility and of the criminal acts they committed against the Macedonian people. Besides that, Greeks want it all for themselves. They already have the so-called ancient Greek heritage but they also want the ancient Macedonian heritage all to themselves. Outside of that, they have 51% of the historic Macedonian territories and those too they want to own exclusively at the expense of the Macedonians. Is that fair? I would say not! Above all are they really the true heirs even of the Greek heritage? We need to question that since history tells us different. And since they have put us in this precarious position it is only fair that we also put them in a precarious position and expose them for the frauds they truly are! Don’t you agree?” demanded TrueMacedonian.

“Yes I do!” I replied.

“Then you know what to do,” continued TrueMacedonian “and you will do it until every Macedonian and every Greek is fully aware of the reality of our mutual situation and of our predicament. I wish you good luck and perhaps we shall meet again someday in the future. I must go now to prepare for my return to my own time. Goodbye.”

I too said my goodbyes, and as TrueMacedonian left I was overcome with a feeling of loss. As I watched TrueMacedonian’s silhouette vanish behind the horizon I realized I had a piece of paper in my hand. Unfortunately it was too dark to read it there so I left and when I came across the first street lamp I began to read. Here is what it said;

“A collection of excerpts gathered from the Macedonian Truth forum, largely brought to our attention by Daskalot and myself, TrueMacedonian, who have buried many a myth of the Modern Greek on countless occasions.

Compilation put together by Soldier of Macedon

Origins of the inhabitants of Modern Greece:

Albanian origins of the liberators and leaders of Modern Greece:

But the revival was only for a time, and, in spite of Greek struggles, at the end of the tenth century Sclavonians formed almost the entire population of Macedonia, Epirus, continental Greece and the Peloponnesus…….It was during these centuries, that what remained, if indeed anything remained, of even degenerate Hellenic blood absorbed or was absorbed into that of the Slav……Indeed, the Albanians appear to have done for Greece in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries something like that which the Sclavonians had done in the sixth and seventh….They number about 200,000 souls; and within a greater part of the districts occupied by Albanians at the present day the Greeks have been as completely expelled as the Celtic race in England by the Saxon. Unlike the Greek, for him the bonds of nationality are stronger than those of religion… assert that a Greek Christian is a Hellene is as reasonable as to call all Roman Catholics Italians; and to claim a Slav or Albanian as a Hellene because he speaks Greek, is much the same as calling an educated Russian French, or an Irishman English, because they prefer French or English to their own less developed languages. (A Monthly Review – Greece , Spoilt Child of Europe )

The chief authority was conceded to the Albanian ship owners; George Konduriottes of Hydra was elected president of Greece, and Botasses of Spetzas vice-president…..The Greeks are the most prejudiced of all Europeans when there is a question of the purity of the Hellenic race, and no people regards education with more favour; yet with all this nationality and pedantry they entrusted their public affairs, in a period of great difficulty, to two men who could not address them in the Greek language. (George Finlay, History of the Greek Revolution)

The castle of Karytena , even in its ruins, has a proud feudal aspect, and was again, early in our century, the stronghold of one of the most famous and notorious of the revolutionary chiefs – Colocotroni. He ranks as a hero in that war……..He is described as of the Albanian type. (J. P Mahhafy, Greek Pictures)

……the liberators of Greece…..Nine or ten of them performed the Albanian national dance, to the sound of a bad fiddle and a little jingling guitar played with a quill, for the amusement of her Majesty, who did not seem enchanted with this exhibition….these men, who were exposing themselves in this absurd manner, were the far-famed Colocotroni, Nikitas, surnamed the Turkophagos, or Turk-eater, Makryani, Vasso of Montenegro, Kota Botzaris,, and others equally celebrated…….this was merely the dance of the Albanians, a totally distinct race of men from the Greeks. (Blackwood’s Magazine, XLIII)

Athens , twenty-five years ago, was only an Albanian village. The Albanians formed, and still form, almost the whole of the population of Attica ; and within three leagues of the capital, villages are to be found where Greek is hardly understood. Athens has been rapidly peopled with men of all kinds and nations..........Albanians form about one-fourth of the population of the country; they are in majority in Attica , in Arcadia , and in Hydra..…..( Edmond About, Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day)

Reflections on the East Roman Empire:

Until 1821, Greeks knew that there had once been a Christian empire with its capital at Constantinople , but they did not think of it as a Greek empire, and they certainly didn’t call it the Byzantine Empire . (Katerina Zacharia, Hellenisms)

Philhellenism; its aim and impact:

Most Greeks did not share Byron’s views and would not have understood his allusions. They did not think of themselves as Greeks at all – and certainly not as Hellenes…but as Christians or Orthodox. ( N. Hammond , Greece – Old and New)

…Philhellenism was a sort of social disease, caused by hallucinations and the by the illusion of finding in the present mongrel inhabitants of Morea and Attica the descendants of the ancient Hellenes. Subsequent contact of Greece with Europe has already considerably modified these ideas, as the modern Greek begins to pass for what he is: a semi-barbarian, a not yet cultivated citizen, and already a spoilt savage……Our classical recollections will have been proved a fallacy…only because they inhabit a soil where the Parthenon was built. (Baron Augustus Jochmus, The Syrian War and the Decline of the Ottoman Empire )

It is certainly unlikely that before the infiltration of European Philhellenism the inhabitants of Kastri knew (or cared much, for that matter) that they were indeed the inhabitants of Delphi . (Stathis Gourgouris, Dream Nation)

The foundations of Neo-Hellenic Culture:

It is significant that many of the nineteenth-century alterations to the Acropolis were carried out at the instigation of Germans, whose contribution to the modern Greeks’ sense of their classical heritage was crucial………….. an attempt was made to Hellenize the Greek collective consciousness, and through katharevousa, to “purify” the modern Greek language. (Katerina Zacharia, Hellenisms)

University of Athens - This, was the first institution of higher learning in the independent kingdom of the Hellenes, was founded by King Otto on the German model. (John Koliopoulos, Greece – The Modern Sequel)

The new fate did not attach itself to the immediate past, as it had been preserved in the popular memory, but rather adapted itself to the convenient image of the ancient Greek past already created in the West. Otto’s father, King Ludwig I of Bavaria , was obsessed with ancient Greece and brought up his children with the aspiration that one day one of them would reign over this glorious land. (Discourses of Collective Identity in Central and Southeast Europe , Texts and Commentaries)

In 1834 it was decided to create Athens the capital of the independent Kingdom of Greece . A German architect, Schaubert, was employed to plan the wide streets, the squares, the boulevards: and so Athens, which in 1834 was a village of five thousand inhabitants, has become in 1936 a city of over four hundred and fifty thousand people. (H. V. Morton, In the steps of St. Paul )

Ancient Sparta has entirely perished….New Sparta is a creation of King Otho, who has formed the useless project of resuscitating all the great names of Greece . It is a governmental and commercial town, composed entirely of shops, barracks, and public offices. ( Edmond About, Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day)

Need I say more.

As I finished reading the compilation I couldn’t help but feel that I was headed for a long and treacherous journey, but a necessary one!

The End.

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