BIG Greek Lie 8

BIG Greek Lie 8 - Tito created the Macedonian Nation

(Many Greeks believe Tito created the Macedonian Nation)

By Risto Stefov

[NOTE: Our apologies to the Greek people if they find these articles offensive. Our objective here is NOT to create tension between the Macedonian and Greek people but rather to highlight the problem that exists within the Greek State and its institutions. As long as the Greek State denies our existence as Macedonians with rights and privileges, we will continue to publish these types of articles.]

I for one am tired of reading e-mails and letters deliberately sent by individuals and institutions of Greek origin suggesting that Marshall Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980), the Croatian born post World War II Yugoslav leader, created the Macedonian nation.

Are these people completely misinformed, unaware of reality, or desperately trying, at any cost, to discredit the Macedonian people? How can anyone make such outrageous claims about recent and verifiable historic events and expect to maintain credibility?

FACT: The Socialist (Peoples') Republic of Macedonia was formed in 1944 based on Tito's recognition and acceptance of a separate and distinct Macedonian ethnicity within the Yugoslav federation.

This information is not only readily available but it is verifiable because it happened only six decades ago.

How could one man with the stroke of a pen convince millions of people to drop their current nationality and opt for one that did not exist?

What did Tito offer these people for them to want to be Macedonian so badly?

How did Tito manage to teach all those people the Macedonian language not only in Yugoslavia but also in Greece, Bulgaria, the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Russia, South America, Asia, Africa and the world over? And how did he do it in less than one decade?

Most importantly, how did Tito, when he was just a child less than eleven years old, influence the Macedonians to rise up against the Turks in 1903?

How did Tito create Macedonians even before he was born?

You don't even have to go to Macedonia to discover if Macedonians existed before Tito was born. All you have to do is visit any old cemetery in the large North American cities [1] and you will find gravestones with the inscription "Macedonian". Go to the Ellis Island Immigration registry and look up the logs from the 19th century and you will find travelers declaring themselves Macedonian. Attend any Macedonian event anywhere in Canada, the USA, or Australia and ask how many people believe Tito created the Macedonian nation. Ask the descendents of those who immigrated to these great countries before Tito was born, if Tito created their Macedonian identity.

Need I go on?

Why didn't Greece object to Tito when he allegedly created the Macedonian nation in 1944?

Why didn't Greece object to the name "Socialist (Peoples') Republic of Macedonia" in 1944?

Most Greeks believe Tito artificially created the Macedonian Nation in order to make claims on the so called "Greek Macedonia" (Greek occupied Macedonia).

Most Greeks also believe that the "Skopjans", as the Greeks like to call them today, want to name their country Republic of Macedonia because they still have territorial aspirations towards "Greek Macedonia". More specifically, most Greeks believe the Skopjans want to annex "Greek Macedonia" for themselves.

The Truth:

The truth is Tito did not create the Macedonian nation and as I mentioned earlier, Tito recognized and accepted the existence of a Macedonian ethnicity within his own country, Yugoslavia.

The truth is Macedonians have no aspirations for anyone's territory.

Further, allow me to remind the Greeks that their State acquired Macedonian territories by conquest against the wishes of the Macedonian people and therefore no part of Macedonia belongs to Greece. It never did and it never will. "Greek Macedonia" in reality is Greek occupied Macedonia.

For evidence on the existence of Macedonians throughout the ages (that is before Tito's time) see


1. "I shall review the evidence for the existence of a modern Macedonian ethnicity with reference to my recent work in a Macedonian ethnic community in Steelton, Pennsylvania. Both the gravestones in a local cemetery and US census reports from the early twentieth century provide evidence that émigrés from Macedonia who lived and died in Steelton in the early twentieth century considered themselves to be distinct from their Serbian and Bulgarian neighbours" (Eugene Borza).

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