Eugene Borza - quotes

Eugene Borza about the Macedonians as a separate nation from Greeks:

"Neither Greeks nor Macedonians considered the Macedonians to be Greeks."

"The tension at court between Greeks and Macedonians, tension that the ancient authors clearly recognized as ethnic division."

On the Macedonian language: "The main evidence for Macedonian existing as separate language comes from a handful of late sources describing events in the train of Alexander the Great, where the Macedonian tongue is mentioned specifically."

"The handful of surviving genuine Macedonian words - not loan words from Greek - do not show the changes expected from Greek dialect."

"What did others say about Macedonians? Here there is a relative abundance of information. From Arrian, Plutarch (Alexander, Eumenes), Diodorus 17-20, Justin, Curtius Rufus, and Nepos (Eumenes), based upon Greek and Greek-derived Latin sources. It is clear that over a five-century span of writing in two languages representing a variety of historiographical and philosophical positions the ancient writers regarded the Greeks and the Macedonians as two separate and distinct peoples whose relationship was marked by considerable antipathy, if not outright hostility."

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