Wanganui Herald - 5 Sept 1903

Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXVII, Issue 11045, 5 September 1903, Page 5

Preee Asociation.—Telegraph.—Copyright

Received September 4, 11.17 p.m.

ATHENS, September 4.

The Greek Premier has urged the Powers to insist on the Porte punishing Baknaar Pasha (Governor of Krushevo) and the troops for the excesses in that district.


Thirty-six were killed aboard the Vaskopu, including 27 paseengers.
The outrage caused consternation in Constantinople.
The Vaskopu has been brought to Burgas.

SOFIA, September 4.

Ferdinand presided at a Council of Ministers held at Exinogrod, including the Premier and the Ministers for War I and the Interior. There is much anxiety in Sofia awaiting the result.

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