Secret mail system

Secret Mail System of Macedonia

IN MACEDONIA the secret revolutionary committees have a mail system doubly as rapid as that of the Turkish government. A British correspondent who was recently in Seres, Macedonia, gained the confidence of the insurgents by the favorable attitude toward their cause which he displayed in his despatches. One day he complained to a native friend of the slowness of the Turkish mails.

"Next time you have a letter to mail" said the Macedonian, "give it to me and it shall not only escape the censor, but reach its destination fully a day sooner."

The Englishman did so. Next day he mailed two letters at once, one by the Macedonian, another by the government post. As he afterwards learned, the letter which passed through the hands of the insurgents reached London two days before the other.

This insurgent mail is conducted by a system of couriers, the messages passing from the local insurgent committee of one town to that of the next, and a letter directed to foreign parts passes over into Bulgaria before a regularly mailed letter is half way to Constantinople.

The Saint Paul globe., April 24, 1904, Page 2

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