The Czar and the Kaiser

The San Francisco Call, Monday, February 24, 1903


While reporting from various capitals in Europe concerning the Macedonian muddle continues to be contradictory and confusing, it is becoming more and more evident that the only unknown factors in this problem are the Czar and the Kaiser…

In the meantime while speculation halts at the problem of an alliance between the Kaiser and the Czar on the Macedonian problem, the force of circumstance is steadily tending towards a point where they will be compelled to play their hands out. The Macedonians and the Bulgarians appear resolved to put an end to diplomacy in the closet, and force an open recognition of their claims. The Sultan on the other hand, appears to be as ready for war, as any of them. He has a good army, well equipped, and is ready to fight without pay. He whipped the Greeks very easily and he believes he can whip the Bulgarians and the Macedonians with an equal facility. In that belief he is doubtless right, but the power that left Greece at his mercy will not be so indifferent toward Macedonia…" (The San Francisco Call, Tuesday February 24th, 1903)

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