Pittsburgh Press - Feb 14, 1904

The Pittsburgh Press - Feb 14, 1904



Macedonians Are Preparing to Speedily Renew Their Revolution




Sofia, Bulgaria, Feb rod ry IS.—The Macedonian revolution, which ended abruptly with the approach of winter weather is to break out again this spring. The Insurrectionist leaders make no secret of the plans they are formulating to war against the Turk, and their preparations are being carried on under the eyes of the sultan who is powerless to stop them.

Boris Sarafoff and his chief aids. General Grueff and Colonel Tzontcheff. have been spending the winter touring Europe raising funds to support the revolution, and they now have a war chest much larger than last year's. They have bought large quantities of arms and ammunition which are being sent surreptitiously across the Bulgarian frontier into Macedonia and distributed among the Insurgents for use in the spring campaign.

Sarafoff has more money than he needs for powder and shot, and he is supplying his followers with uniforms, so that he will In the future be In command of a regular army and not a mere collection of bands of ragged guerrillas.

The revolutionists will follow their old campaign methods of descending suddenly on outlying Turkish posts, and will not engage in pitched battles with the sultan's soldiers. This year most of their efforts will be directed toward drawing the Turks over the Bulgarian and eastern Roumellan frontiers, so as to force the intervention of Bulgaria.

They have high hopes of pulling Bulgaria into the row, for during the present winter agitators have been stirring up sentiment among the Bulgarian population. and the natives are more than ever prepared to force the Sofia government to go to the relief of Christian Macedonia. Prince Ferdinand is troubled over the outlook, for the situation, even at this early date is beginning to look serious. The Bulgarian war minister has demanded an extra credit of $13.000. from the skuptschina to place the Bulgarian army on a war footing, and the revolutionists believe that thin large sum would not be called for unless Bulgaria Intends to take action.

The sublime porte, by delaying the establishment of the International gendarmerie scheme in Macedonia, is playing directly into the hands of the Insurgents. With the great powers policing the disturbed area, the revolutionary leaders would have to curtail their activity for fear of bringing down on them the militant wrath of Europe, but with only Mussulman soldiers to fight against, they can take any action they wish and Europe will keep hands off.

The beginning of war in the far east is also favorable to the insurgents. Russia has been playing a double game with the Macedonians, tacitly consenting to the fomentation of discord between the sultan and his Christian subjects, so as to weaken Turkey, but at the same time holding back the revolutionists from accomplishing too much, for fear that they will secure Independence and be forever outside Russian Influences.

Since the czar has become embroiled in a war with Japan, he will be unable to give much attention to the Balkan situation. and his underhand encouragement to the revolutionists will have started them going with a momentum that he cannot stop while his forces are on the other side of the globe.

In Macedonia the reform scheme of Russia and Austria has not been carried out by the porte, and the inhabitants are just as embittered as ever against the Mohammedan regime. Their long score against the Turk is yet far from settle.

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