New Edinburgh Encyclopaedia

The American Edition of the New Edinburgh Encyclopedia, David Brewster, Published in 1831

"...At the in­tercession of his queen, who was dear to her father, Aladdin was again received into favour, and had his kingdom restored to him. In this expedition war was prosecuted with comparative mildness, both parties being Mahomedans; and a proclamation was issued by Amurath, prohibiting his soldiers, upon pain of death, from using violence towards the peaceable inhabitants, to show to the world that he made war upon his brethren, not for the sake of aggrandizement, but to repel unmerited injury and wrongj and he punished severely some Christian auxiliaries for transgressing his orders. These auxiliaries had been sent by Lazarus, prince of Servia, who, being informed of their treatment, was so offended that he broke off his alliance with the Ottoman, and having formed a confederacy of the neighbouring tribes, appeared at the head of a mighty army, consisting of Bulgarians, Macedonians, Bosnians, Wallachiana, Hungarians, &c. Amurath having collected his tributaries, hastened to meet him on the plains of Cassovau..."

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