The New York Times articles

The New York Times articles mentioning Macedonians:

SAYS MACEDONIANS WANT A REPUBLIC; Their Representative From Bulgaria Declares Aim Is a Balkan Federation.

August 10, 1924, Sunday, Page W12

A story of conditions in Macedonia, which he ascribes to Serb and Greek domination, has been brought to this country by J. Chkatroff, representative of the Union of the Macedonian Organizations of Bulgaria for the United States and Canada, who arrived here from Sofia recently.

GREEK ARMY ROUTS MACEDONIA REBELS; Loyal Troops Win a Smashing Victory, Driving Poorly-Armed Foes Across River Struma.

March 5, 1935, Tuesday, Page 1

ATHENS, Tuesday, March 5. -After a smashing land victory, the government rushed mine layers to Salonika early today to mine the harbor's entrance and prevent any attempt by the rebel fleet to put in at the Macedonian port.

SLAV MACEDONIANS JOIN GREEK REBELS; Balkan Communist Radio Says Bulgarian, Albanian Reds Will Take Active Role


March 31, 1949, Thursday, Page 10

ATHENS, March 30 -- About 600 purported representatives of communities in Greek, Yugoslav and Bulgarian Macedonia met this week in a small village in the Vitsi mountain area of northwestern Greece near the Albanian border, according to a rebel radio broadcast heard today in Salonika. The broadcast was believed to have been from Bulgarian soil.

SOVIET MEDIATES ON MACEDONIANS; Acts on a'Dispute Between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria

By RAYMOND H. ANDERSON Special to The New York Times

September 28, 1973, Friday, Page 9

The Soviet Union is reported to be quietly trying to calM discord between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria over the Macedonians, a Slavic-speaking people living in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Greece.

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