BIG Greek Lie 12

BIG Greek Lie 12 - Greek-Macedonians

(Many Greeks believe Greek-Macedonians live in Macedonia)

By Risto Stefov

[NOTE: Our apologies to the Greek people if they find these articles offensive. Our objective here is NOT to create tension between the Macedonian and Greek people but rather to highlight the problem that exists within the Greek State and its institutions. As long as the Greek State denies our existence as Macedonians with rights and privileges, we will continue to publish these types of articles.]

By Macedonia I mean the part of Macedonia that is currently occupied by Greece, the part of Macedonia Greeks like to call the "Greek Province of Macedonia". The part of Macedonia the Greek armies occupied in 1912 and committed unspeakable atrocities against the Macedonian people in 1913 and onward.

Let me see now, was it not in 1928 that Greece declared to the world that 98% of the population living in Greece was pure Greek and 2% were Muslim Greeks? So where did these so called "Greek-Macedonians" come from? But wait a minute? What is a "Greek- Macedonian"? Is it a person whose one parent is Greek and the other is Macedonian? If that is the case then where did these Macedonians in Greece come from? Was it not Greece that declared, by its own admission, that "there is no such thing as Macedonians"? So who and what are these so called "Greek-Macedonians"? Are they Greek settlers who happened to live in Greek occupied Macedonia?

To be honest with you not even those people who call themselves "Greek-Macedonians" really know who and what they are.

This phenomenon is like a sickness that sprang up just before the Republic of Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia. You see the Greek Government is so paranoid about being discovered for having illegally expropriated Macedonian lands and having committed atrocities against the Macedonian people, that every time there is a mention of anything Macedonian it becomes very defensive. What Greece is doing is in fact trying to confuse the world about who Macedonians are. If the Republic of Macedonia has Macedonians then so does Greece. After all Greece occupies 51% of the Macedonian lands, how could it justify its position without uncovering its deeds? Unfortunately Greece will try anything, even confusing its own people in order to hide from them and from the world its own past. Before the 1980's there was no such thing as a "Greek-Macedonia" or "Greek-Macedonians", there was only "Northern Greece" and "Greeks", now there is a "Greek-Macedonia" populated by "Greek-Macedonians". What next?

Allow me to break it down for you.

51% of Macedonia was occupied and annexed by Greece after the second Balkan War in 1913. At that time the ethnicities living in Macedonia were a large majority of indigenous Macedonians and smaller minorities of Vlachs, Albanians, Jews, Turks and others.

Upon occupying Macedonia the Greek State ethnically cleansed the population by forcibly assimilating most of it and that which couldn't be assimilated was either expelled or outright murdered. Then in the early 1920's the Muslim population was cleansed by deporting most Muslims to Turkey and importing a large Christian Turk population from Asia Minor and other parts of Turkey. After all that was done, Greece conducted a census and declared to the world that is was pure Greek.

So once again, where do these so called "Greek-Macedonians" come from?

If you ask me I honestly don't know, but I do have a theory!

To understand where the "Greek-Macedonians" come from one has to determine who these so called "Greek-Macedonians" are. As far as I can gather the people that classify themselves as "Greek-Macedonians" come from the following categories;

1. The majority are imported Turks and other immigrants that were settled in Macedonia in the 1920's. These people have been educated by the Greek Government into believing that they are the real-Macedonians and descendents of Alexander the Great and his Macedonians who were actually Greeks. They were taught to believe that they were the rightful heirs to the Macedonian lands. They were also taught to detest the indigenous Macedonian people and treat them as their enemy whom the Greek State labeled as "Bulgarian" and unworthy of the Macedonian heritage. Up to the 1980's these settlers were told that they were "Greeks" but the moment the Republic of Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia, they were told they were "Greek-Macedonians".

2. There is a smaller minority of Macedonians who pay homage, for various reasons, to the Greek State and pretend to be Greeks because they are given favourable positions in society. There is also a criminal element of Macedonian descent who has committed crimes against the Macedonian people on behalf of Greece. These people enjoy the status quo because they believe they are untouchable as long as Greece refuses to recognize the Macedonians. They are loyal to Greece and to the Greek cause because they believe Greece will protect them from being prosecuted for the crimes they committed. Some actually have, they died of old age! These people will fight tooth and nail to prevent Macedonians from gaining any rights just to protect themselves.

3. There is also an element of people, including indigenous Macedonians, who actually believe the Greek propaganda and subscribe to the idea that they are the true descendents of the ancient Macedonians who were actually Greeks.

4. And finally there is a large xenophobic and ultra nationalist group of people who know the truth about Macedonia but are so poisoned and caught-up in the Greek propaganda that they will do anything to deny the Macedonians their rights.

And there you have it.

I just want to add here that the "imported Greeks", just like the indigenous Macedonians, are victims of "Greek chauvinism" and I sympathize with their plight just as I sympathize with the plight of all victims of Greek chauvinism. You are not our enemies.

Although I am frustrated with those Macedonians who pretend to be Greeks, I hold no grudges against them because I understand that they are my brothers and sisters who have somehow lost their way. I hope someday soon they will come around.

Unfortunately I cannot forgive those who committed crimes against the Macedonian people or against any people and I believe the time will come when justice will be served. For those people who are lost in space, may the Macedonian sun and God's light guide you back to find your way.

As for those of you who call yourselves "Greek-Macedonians", for one reason or another, where will you stand when Greece recognizes the Macedonian nation? Where will you stand when you are no longer needed and have served your useful purpose in serving the Greeks who work against the Macedonians? Do you thing that Greece will accept you as "True-Greeks" and respect you as "Greek-Macedonians" or will they cast you out as they have cast us out, when your usefulness has expired? Some food for thought!


The "Greek-Macedonian" phenomenon is a Greek State response to the Republic of Macedonia's declaration of independence. There were no "Greek-Macedonians" before the 1980's, in fact the official Greek Position has been that "Macedonians do not exist". So where did the "Greek-Macedonians" come from? They came from the Greek imagination. Greece created the so called "Greek-Macedonians" or fake Macedonians to rob the real Macedonians of their heritage. Another Greek method of divide and conquer and spread confusion while doing it.

Thus what is fake is not real and what is not truth is a lie. Therefore, the "Greek-Macedonians" are nothing more than another BIG Greek Lie.

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